Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Staffy x - female

Meet our very sweet girl Jazz..

Jazz and her siblings were found in the bush at the park by some passers by who took them to the local animal shelter. After some time in care Jazz has now blossomed into a sweet, playful girl who is alot of fun to be around. In her new home Jazz will need basic obedience, a good diet and lots of love and fun.

Jazz is in care in Londonderry please contact us if you would like to meet her.

Jazz was adopted on 12 July 2024 after 1 month in foster care



DSH - male

Update #2
Sid is getting used to being alone and making his own fun but when someone shows up and picks him up, he’s in heaven. Whether being carried on his back like a baby or upright on my chest, he just loves uppies. He doesn’t talk much, only a sad ‘hello?’ When he can’t find me or is alone. He likes chasing little soft ball toys and chewing on cardboard. He uses his paws as hands more than any cat I’ve fostered, and loves to pat MY face. He very rarely uses his claws and tries really hard to give only gentle nibbles.
Truly a gentle sweetheart ❤️
Sid is growing up and desperately deserves a home of his own!
He’s absolutely beautiful, quite placid and still loves/prefers to be picked up as much as possible.
Please help him find a home!!
Sid is a snuggly love bug. He would suit someone who’s ok with a clingy cat and will usually be at home.
When I took him into foster care, he weighed about 50 grams. He was abandoned by his mother, along with four siblings, in the ceiling of a shop, very underweight and looking very unwell. He went on to love his bottle very much.
Now he is a good eater, strong, silly and in need of toys, petting and warm laps/chests/shoulders. He jumps on my back randomly or tries to climb my leg as he enjoys being carried and held as much as possible.
He has three white patches on his underside, two short white socks in front, two long white socks in back and a cute white stripe on his nose.
Sid is a darling kitten, lovely company, gentle (usually/unless it’s zoomies time) and very handsome!
He would probably prefer a home with a new sibling as he does not like to be alone.

Sid was adopted on 10 July 2024 after 2 months in foster care



British Bulldog - female

Roxy is a beautiful, outgoing girl that is looking for her new family. Roxy is cat friendly and true to the British Bulldog nature, she is very sociable and loves to be around her human family as much as possible: she loves jumping up onto the couch and bed for snuggles and will sometimes even crawl into your lap for some affection.

Roxy does know how to sit, and will sit when asked most of the time - British Bulldogs can be a bit stubborn after all! She loves going for car rides and she likes to go on short walks, walking well on lead, and is crate trained.

Due to her breeding, Roxy must have access to inside, particularly in Summer and warmer weather. British Bulldogs have short noses, which makes it harder to regulate their core body temperature in the heat, so she is not suitable to being an outdoor dog. But as she loves being a snuggle buddy, why wouldn't you want her by your side!

Roxy has been good with young children (ages 6yrs and up) while in care and she has displayed good behaviour with other dogs while in care, though she would best be suited with a submissive dog in her new home.

If you are interested in giving Roxy the Forever Home she deserves then please contact us. She is currently being fostered in Riverstone, NSW and would love to meet you!

Roxy was adopted on 10 July 2024 after 2 months in foster care



domestic short hair - female

Betty is a gorgeous smoochy cat that is playful and energetic. She loves head butts and will roll over exposing her belly for rubs.

Betty was rescued off the street by a kind street feeder. The feeder noticed that Betty was friendly, clever and interested in human company.

Betty is independent, confident and gets on well with friendly cats or dogs, but can become defensive (rather than submissive) if faced with aggression

Betty adapts very quickly to new environments and will quickly make friends with humans if she feels safe.

One of her profile pics, show Betty relaxing on the examination table during her very first vet visit. The vet took the photos herself, she was so impressed with Betty’s behaviour and manner.

Betty will need an indoor only home and will benefit from access to a secure outdoor enclosure or an enclosed balcony.

Betty loves pats and being brushed, she comes, desexed, wormed, vaccinated and indoor litter trained and is ready for her new home now.

Betty was adopted on 07 July 2024 after 6 months in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Oreo is a sweet, friendly, playful kitten with the loudest purr. She loves to be with people and has grown up with small children at her previous foster house. Oreo loves to play, eat, sleep and cuddle. She'd make a purrfect companion to a very lucky family.

Oreo will be chipped, desexed and ready for her new home late June/early July. She is up to date with her flea and worm treatments, and she will receive her 1st kitten vaccination prior to adoption. Oreo is litter-trained and ready to meet you now. She is in foster care in Kingswood, NSW.

Oreo was adopted on 06 July 2024 after 3 weeks in foster care



Mixed - female

Say hello to Crystal! This delightful canine companion is cute, fun, and brimming with energy. Crystal is seeking a loving new family who would enjoy a dog with a balance of adventure-drive and a cozy snuggling nature.

Playful and lively, Crystal is a charmer who enjoys a good throw of a tennis ball or tug-of-war games with her favourite toys. She brings an element of jolly fun to every interaction, filling her surroundings with infectious positivity. When she isn't engaged in her playful pursuits, Crystal enjoys the company of her family, relishing in silent companionship as much as boisterous play.

A champion snuggler, Crystal loves to wind down after an exciting day with cuddles. She'll nestle into her cozy bed or snuggle up beside you, making the humdrum of the day blot out with her serene presence.

So, if you're looking for a furry best friend who can match strides with your energetic days and join in quiet contentment, Crystal could be the dog for you. Brighten up your life with her sunshiny spirit, and Crystal will generously bestow upon you unconditional love.

Crystal was adopted on 06 July 2024 after 1 weeks in foster care



DSH - male

Puma is a gorgeous, very outgoing kitten and he is ready to pounce into your life now. Puma has a very cheeky, fun personality that shines as soon as you meet him. He loves toys and will make a lovely companion for his new family. If Puma can be a forever addition to your home please send an enquiry through.

Puma was adopted on 06 July 2024 after 1 month in foster care



Mixed - female

Topaz is an enchanting rescue dog that brings a spark of joy every day. With a personality as vivid as their namesake gem, Topaz offers a lifetime of devotion and happiness to anyone lucky enough to become their new family member.

A friendly, sociable pet, Topaz enjoys activities that involve their favorite people. The highlight of their day could be a brisk walk in the park, a game of fetch, or even a simple cuddle session on the sofa. Topaz has an incredible capacity for love and is able to form deep emotional bonds quickly, creating an immediate sense of connection with everyone they meet.

Topaz has a readiness for life that's genuinely inspiring. They show their affection by playfully nudging your hand for a pat on the head or curling up next to you during a quiet evening in front of the television. With Topaz, every little ordinary moment becomes extraordinary.

They would thrive best in a household that can give them plenty of attention and love. This furry friend is ready to lend a comforting presence as a loving companion, and their ideal day includes plenty of play, relaxation, and quality time with you.

Topaz is not just a pet, they are a friend who will enrich your life with unconditional love, and joy. They are ready and waiting to meet you. Do come by and introduce yourself to the incredible Topaz today!

Topaz was adopted on 06 July 2024 after 1 weeks in foster care



Mixed - male

Bear is a very sweet, bubbly puppy that has a personality that shines. We bel

Meet Bear, an adorably sweet bundle of joy who is ready to tap dance right into your heart. This bubbly pup is a veritable ray of sunshine who will no doubt bring a smile to your face day in and day out with his delightful tail-wagging antics.

Bear's personality is irresistibly endearing, and it certainly shines brightly. From the moment you meet him, his “joie de vivre” will be thoroughly captivating. Bear is full of life and each day with him promises to be filled with laughter, love, and plenty of frolics.

Bear is the kind of pet who fits right in with any type of family. He loves playtime and you can often find him chomping on his favourite squeaky toy or racing around the garden in his own adorable version of “tag.” His soft and expressive eyes have a way of letting you understand what he wants, making it easy for you to bond with him.

In short, Bear is just the right mix of sweetness, fun, and companionship. Offering a lifetime of comfort and loyalty, he's sure to be the pièce de résistance of your home. Bear awaits his chance to bring his sunshiny character into your life, ready to be your most precious furry friend. Bring Bear home, because life is just better with a buddy like him around.

Bear was adopted on 06 July 2024 after 1 weeks in foster care



Rottweiler x - male

Nugget is a sweet vibrant boy that loves everyone he meets. He has a very outgoing, playful, puppy personality and is always ready to have fun. Nugget loves his daily walk, treats and can sit when he is asked to. In his new home he will need a family that is willing to give him the care and affection he deserves. Nugget is a special boy and we are looking for a special family for him.

Nugget was adopted on 06 July 2024 after 2 weeks in foster care