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staffy X - male - 2 years and 4 months

What a seriously gorgeous and handsome boy Charlie is and he couldn't be happier now he has found himself in the company of friends.

Charlie's nature is very sweet and evenly tempered. Despite only being young, his play with dogs, cats, children and people is always gentle. In saying this, Charlie just loves his people, so he would be suited to a home where someone can be home with him more often than not. Whilst he would absolutely benefit from having a doggy friend too, the human interaction is incredibly important.

Charlie understands most commands, and is extremely eager to please. He sleeps in at night on his bed and is fully toilet trained, not fussy with his food or over needy, and although strong, walks very calmly on the lead - again eager to just be around people he can love.

Charlie is so ready to meet the people he deserves to be loved by, so if you wish to meet Charlie he is in care at Revesby NSW with carer Rod. Please contact him on 0418 239763 to organise to say hello to this sweet boy.

Charlie has been in foster care since 22 February 2018, for 4 months



Domestic Short Hair - male - 3 months and 2 weeks

Little Leonardo is quite small for his age - but that doesn't stop him from ruling the roost and wanting all the attention! He is striking and black, and approximately 7 weeks of age. Leonardo loves sitting on your shoulder and purring in you ear.
As Leonardo is still quite small and young, he isn't quite ready for adoption, but he would love a visit from anyone who might be interested in him! He will be going for a vet check at the end of this week to make sure he is growing well, but since we have had him in care he certainly is! We will then also see if he is ready for his microchip and vaccination. Leonardo is living with his adopted sisters and 2 dogs at his foster home, and lives free range with them all getting along just fine.
Call Rod on 0418239763 to meet little Leonardo!

Leonardo has been in foster care since 03 June 2018, for 1 month



Domestic Short Hair - male - 3 months and 3 weeks

Socks is such a character. He got his name from absolutely loving sitting on feet whilst we are in the kitchen cooking. He gets on up and falls asleep - then will stay there whilst you walk around! It is fitting that he also has lovely white socks. He is such a playful little man, and loves his sister. But goodness he LOVES his cuddles, he will fall asleep anywhere - as long as it is on your lap!
Socks is 9 weeks old, weighs over 1kg and has had his first vaccination, microchip, flea treatment and worming - as such he is totally ready to go to his forever home! He is also a perfect example of how to use the litter tray! Desexing will be covered by DCH when Socks is old enough and big enough, and can be done from his new home.
Socks is currently located with his sister in Burwood Heights, please contact Gemma his carer on 0435939858 to organise a meeting and get him ready for his new home!

Socks has been in foster care since 04 May 2018, for 2 months



Kelpie - male - 4 years and 1 month

Scooby is a healthy young boy who is turning 4 this year. He is great with all people, and loves playing with kids, but he does jump up a bit so could knock over small ones, but he has never even tried to bite or growl. He gets along well with other animals and has lived with a dog whilst growing up. Currently Scooby lives outside and loves running round the yard and jumping up to see over the fence, so he will need a good fence to keep him in but when he is out and on walks he is lovely, patient and calm. Scooby just can't get enough of water - he loves playing in the hose and the sprinkler - check out the pics!
Scooby is fully vaccinated and desexed, and living with his current owner until we can find him his forever home. To get to know a bit more about Scooby and get to meet him, please call Jo on 0401 900696.

Scooby has been in foster care since 03 June 2018, for 1 month



DSH - female - 3 months and 4 weeks

Meet Rita!

She is a playful, cheeky girl that loves to get up to mischief. At the end of her day she loves to cuddle and purr away in your arms.

Rita has grown up along her three dog friends and one cat friend during her foster period, so a family with other animals will be suited.

Rita is litter-trained, micro chipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea/worming treatment. The adoption price includes the cost of desexing.

If Rita sounds to be the perfect kitten for you, please contact Natalie on 0422 483 548 or email for any enquires or to organise a meet up.

Rita has been in foster care since 18 May 2018, for 2 months

Mr Jynx

Mr Jynx

domestic shorthair - male - 2 months and 4 weeks

Mr Jynx is 3 month old, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, desexed male kitten. He loves to run after other cats. He is very playful and loves cuddles and his food.

Mr Jynx has been in foster care since 13 July 2018, for 6 days



domestic shorthair - male - 2 months and 4 weeks

Mile is a very shy little fellow who loves to sit in front of heater where he mellows and purrs.
He likes company of other cats and plays with them, chases them and teases.

Mile is microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and desexed.

Mile has been in foster care since 13 July 2018, for 6 days



short haired domestic - female - 8 months and 3 weeks

Mambo is a beautiful short haired, playful female kitten with a pink nose. She is fully litter trained and eats quality kitten kibble plus a little wet food at night once a day.

She gets along with other cats and kittens. Very playful. She can be a bit of a baby (also has a baby face compared to her siblings).

She's growing like a weed and is quite lanky now. It appears that she's going to be a big cat like her mother, Giselle.

She is microchipped, desexed, and her vaccinations are up to date.

Do contact Mambo's carer if you'd like to arrange a meet and greet.

Mambo has been in foster care since 01 January 2018, for 6 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 2 years and 8 months

Abandoned and rescued as a shy one year old, Camden has grown into a beautiful young adult with striking markings. Needing less attention now she is no longer a kitten, Camden may well fit in with a working person or couple, as easily as she could love an entire family.

Camden does, of course, still require plenty of cuddles and loves to have a good belly rub, as well as playing and chasing things. She is very affectionate, with a speciality in head butting and purring, so really enjoys being with her human foster family. Oh, and she has a great appetite.

Camden would really like to have her own family now, so that in a short time this little girl can love you unconditionally.

Camden is already de-sexed, and is up to date on all her vet requirements.

If you’d like to arrange to meet Camden at her Narellan foster home, please contact her carer, Christine - on 0413 317 481.

Camden has been in foster care since 07 September 2016, for 1.8 years



DSH - female - 9 months

Recued with Mum and 3 siblings from the pound, Pixie is now around 8 months old and loves to talk to her humans – particularly the one who feeds her!

Pixie has a unique personality; she enjoys exploring, as well as standing at your feet meowing at you and sitting next to you on the lounge. She’s used to being handled by young children, although she does take a little time to adjust initially.

Pixie’s siblings and her mum have now moved on, and she does miss her play fights, so she may enjoy a family with other kitties, and perhaps children - she can be a little skittish if there is too much loud noise and sudden movement so older children would be best.

When happy, Pixie can get ecstatic - not only purring loudly, but sticking her rear in the air, and rolling over to expose her belly to you …. And is known to drool with bliss!

Pixie is already de-sexed and microchipped, and is up to date on all her vet requirements.

If you’d like to arrange to meet Pixie at her Campbelltown foster home, please contact her carer, Imaan.

Pixie has been in foster care since 13 November 2017, for 8 months