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Animals in Care Needing Sponsorship

The following foster animals are needing sponsorship for their vet costs. Due to injury or illness their vet fees have been extensive and we are seeking donations to help us cover these costs.

All donations to DCH Animal Adoptions over $2 are fully tax deductible.

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DSH - female - 3 years and 8 months

Sabrina came into care as a semi-feral who was living rough along side of at least 3 siblings. Baits were put out and subsequently 2 of her siblings were poisoned to death before a kind soul managed to catch her and ask DCH for help.

She is a beautiful torty coloured, short haired girl. She's very small with tiny feet, tail and face. On her vet check and when she was desexed, the vet realized that she is not the under 1 year old kitten that we thought she was but is more likely a very small adult. Her age is an estimate.

Right from the start she's used the kitty litter tray without fail and is not fussy with her food.

Although she is still petrified, once you start patting her, she's very affectionate and leans into your hand and head butts you. But her first reaction is to hiss and strike at you. It's pretty hard to go from such a dangerous hard world and be able to trust. I am working hard at teaching her that she is safe now and that she deserves a loving home and family. She will need a family who are kind hearted and patient.

She has been desexed, microchipped, vet checked, vaccinated and has had dental work done. She is missing a few teeth possibly due to malnutrition but is currently having no trouble eating a varied diet of dry kibble, wet food, chicken etc... *Sabrina's additional dental work has come to $150 and we're seeking sponsorship to help cover this cost**thanks to Mary, Amy, Olena, S Camilleri and Shannon for sponsoring Sabrina's additional vet fees*

Sabrina has been in foster care since 03 August 2020, for 1 month



Domestic Short Hair - female

**9/6/2020 - Sponsorship Help needed. Saffron has been diagnosed with an over active and enlarged heart. She has been placed onto medication to help control and manage the condition. She has has x-rays and had medications prescribed. Her current vet expenses are expected to be around $250 but this is expected to increase over time. Any help with her vet care is greatly appreciated**

Hi I'm Saffron, Saffy for short.

I'm a sweet and affectionate little girl who thrives on cuddles, kisses and adventure. I might be a mighty midget but great things come in small packages.

Although I'm still half the size of my 4 annoying brothers, have little short legs so I run like a rabbit and was born without a tail I have never let these silly things hold me back. I'm very brave as my foster sister Roxy who is a Golden Retriever doesn't even faze me. She's so fun to sneak up on when she's sleeping and run after when it's playtime.

I have thrived since I came into care as I am a voracious eater. I adore my kitten bickies and wet food, although I have been told by my foster mummy that my table manners leave a lot to be desired.

I love playing with my brothers, chasing their tails, balls and anything else that moves but am also happy to have some quiet time on my own whether it be in our bed or on a blanket on the sofa while my foster family is watching TV. I have a habit of suckling on my brothers when they are sleeping or my foster mummy when we are having a cuddle, this makes me so happy and purr really loud.

You will fall in love with me as soon as you meet me.

Saffton is vet-checked, microchipped, vaccinated and flea/worm treated. She will be desexed prior to re-homing and will be available after 22/6/20 approx.

NOTE: All visits will be by appointment, and in accordance with prevailing social distancing protocols.

  • Thankyou to Gillian for her sponsorship of Saffrons current vet fees
  • Rosie


    Great Dane X - female

    Rosie is a stunning Great Dane cross puppy who is just a bundle of love! She immediately settled right in with her current foster home, and can't get enough cuddles. She is currently living with many other foster dogs and gets along with all of them no problems!

    Rosie will grow into a very large girl, she already has the feet to show she has a lot to grow into! Rosie will be vaccinated and microchipped soon, but will be desexed in a few months and then will be ready for her new home!

    Please note that Rosie is not available for adoption for several weeks.

    *Sponsorship Required*
    Poor Miss Rosie suffered a badly broken leg during a playtime accident. She should make a full recovery but her vet bills have come in at $1695. If you can assist with a donation towards Rosie's costs we'd be very thankful



    English Staffy - male

    Meet Mac, the most chilled out, loveable English staff you ever could meet! Mac was recently rescued from a pound, after he was surrendered there by his previous owners. His age is estimated to be around 5.

    Sadly his previous life wasn't so amazing, where he was on a chain for a while, and has some dental issues as a result of trying to chew the chain off.

    However, you truly wouldn't know it. Mac is so incredibly friendly and easy going. He has lived with a lot of dogs previously, and is now living with other foster dogs and they get along really well, so a home with dogs is not a problem for Mac at all, in fact probably a preference as he would love the company! He can't do enough for people too, and hasn't put a foot wrong in his current foster house.

    Mac has a lump on his back that the vets recommend be removed, so that lump removal and his dental work has just been done, as you can see. He will then be available to go to his forever home in about 2 weeks. Mac's vet work has come to over $1,500 if you would like to sponsor Mac and help cover some of these additional costs please see below.

    We are no longer accepting adoption applications for Mac at this time time.

    Mac was adopted on 02 May 2020 after 1 month in foster care



    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - female

    Charlie has come into DCH care via a Western Sydney Animal Shelter.
    She is 8 years old and is a Cavalier around 6.5 kg. We don't know much about her background other than she found herself at the pound.

    Charlie came into care with a damaged eye. She was treated with Antibiotics for a week and had surgery on 6/12 to remove the eye.

    She has been diagnosed with a Mild Heart Murmur which is common with the breed. No management is needed for it at this time. She has an Umbilical hernia which will be remove when she is desexed after recovering from the eye removal

    Charlie does suffer from Anxiety and has issues with separation. She longs to be with you and having pats and licking you. She is very people focused and friendly and just wants to be loved and to be a spoilt companion dog.

    When left alone she will bark and will carry on until she has company. She is currently on medication to help reduce the anxiety.

    Charlie won't be ready for adoption until sometime in January.

    **Sponsorship required. Due to her additional medical needs including Eye removal and Anxiety medications we are seeking additional sponsorship of Charlie to help cover her medical costs.**

    **22/2/2020 - On Hold. Currently on a 2 week trial adoption period**



    British Bulldog - female

    All the Animals that come to DCH are in need of care but some much more than others. This gorgeous girl is Betty and she came into our care from the local council shelter.

    We are unsure how Betty came to have these wounds but the vets have suggested a dog attack. Betty has required surgery, blood tests, 2 X Rays and a one night stay with fluids.

    Betty's vet treatment has come to $1200 so far and we are seeking donations from our supporters to help us with this cost.

    If you would like to donate please see the links below.

    Our primary focus is to get Betty the medical treatment she needs and to ensure she is returned to full health.

    Lucky Betty found a caring home!

    Oscar, Millie, Toby

    Oscar, Millie, Toby

    Staffy x Kelpie - female

    These 4 puppies were abandoned with their litter mates early and although lucky enough to come into rescue from the pound they have sadly come down with Parvo and are currently fighting for life at the vets. Luckily little Millie and Tina, the sisters, don't seem as badly affected as their brothers who at this stage are on a drip at the vets and we just have our fingers crossed they are strong enough to make it through.

    We are looking at vet bills in excess of $5,000 for these pups, If you can assist by sponsoring these puppies please see how below.

    Update 30/4/18: Sadly Toby and Milly didn't make it, thankfully Oscar is recovering well and is home from hospital. He will be ready for adoption in a few weeks when he has fully recovered.



    British Bulldog - female

    This young girl has come into care needed some extensive vet work. She has luxating patella's and eye issues which will both need corrective surgery. This is estimated to cost $2,000 and we are seeking donations to help sponsor her surgery.

    She will obviously not be ready for adoption until after these have been done and she has fully recovered but luckily for her we do have a list of eager families waiting to meet her afterwards, so at this stage no adoption enquiries please.

    Storm was adopted on 26 April 2018 after 1 month in foster care



    Kelpie x - male

    Thor hasn't had the best start to life, he was hit by a car and taken to he vets where he was found to have extensive nerve damage to the front leg. All the nerves were dead and he ended up with a leg that was unusable and was causing him grief.

    Sadly Thor has had his leg amputated and is now on the hunt for a loving forever home that can see past his looks and love him for the fantastic personality that he has.

    Thor gets along with dogs well and enjoys playing just like all puppies. He has a kind and happy personality and would suit most homes.

    If you can offer Thor a loving Forever Home please email us a bit about yourself and your home.

    *Update: Thor has had his surgery and it's been successful. Costs are $886, if you can help sponsor these additional fees for Thors vet expenses please see below on how you can donate*

    Thor was adopted on 09 February 2017 after 2 weeks in foster care