Animals in Care Needing Sponsorship

The following foster animals are needing sponsorship for their vet costs. Due to injury or illness their vet fees have been extensive and we are seeking donations to help us cover these costs.

All donations to DCH Animal Adoptions over $2 are fully tax deductible.

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Domestic Short Hair - male - 3 months and 3 weeks

Asimov is a healthy active kitten but unfortunately needed $2100 surgery to mend his broken leg from a fall down the stairs. It was touch and go for 24 hours as to whether his leg would be saved but thankfully Dr. Kate from Allambie Vet Clinic did an amazing job to pin his broken femur. Asimov is expected to make a full recovery.

Asimov is a highly intelligent and angelically beautiful kitten with a keen sense of observation. He keenly studies the situation and can quickly identify patterns in his carer’s behaviours after just a few repetitions. He is very confident and will look directly into your eyes as he walks up to you. He is extremely loving and he is very content to lay on your lap like a baby and be cuddled.

He also likes to give you sweet kisses on your nose.

He travels well inside the carrier and is very confident with strangers.

He is very playful and dearly loves his baby brother Newton. Ideally, he would be homed with Newton so they can continue to play together.

He has received his 1st kitten vaccinations. He is microchipped and up to date with his flea and worm treatment.

Please ring or text his foster mum if you are interested in adopting Asimov.

Asimov has been in foster care since 27 February 2023, for 3 weeks



Domestic Short Hair - female - 1 year and 2 months

Poppy was found by a good Samaritan and handed into a vet clinic before finding her way into care with DCH.

She is a gentle, sweet girl and gets along well with the other resident kitties.

She loves a belly rub and does a cute forward roll at her carer's feet when she wants attention.

She's not too keen on being picked up but is happy to settle down on her carer's lap for a cuddle and to snuggle up to her carer at bedtime.

She also enjoys watching fish videos on YouTube.

She is still hesitant when meeting people for the first time but that doesn't tend to last very long and just means that a little patience will be needed when she moves to her new home.

Poppy has had to deal with a number of allergy issues but these are now settling down and she is ready to move to her furever home although her allergies do mean that she has to be fed particular foods.

Poppy would suit a quieter home without small children where she can gets lots of attention when she needs it.

Poppy is vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated and desexed and is looking for an indoors only home to keep her safe and secure.

Poppy has suffered from gum disease and wasn't eating due to mouth pain. She has had to have surgery to clean her teeth and fix the issue. Her vet fees have come to $1,009. If you can assist by sponsoring some of these additional costs please click on the links below

Poppy has been in foster care since 26 March 2022, for 11 months



DSH - male - 10 months and 2 weeks

Curtis ... this little guy was rescued from the streets with his siblings , Curtis is the shyest . Taking this into consideration he would suit a quiet single person household . Yes he shy but he is very sweet .

Curtis loves the company of his sister Kara who is also up for adoption , maybe you might consider both .

Curtis gets on fine with the resident dogs and is respectful of the resident cats. He loves his food and is litter trained . All vet work is complete.

Shy timid cats are difficult to rehome are you that special person willing to give him a home .

sponsorship requiredCurtis also has a cloudy eye due to a bout of cat flu .. he has limited vision but it does not slow him down and it continues to improve. He has however had additional vet expenses as a result of the flu and his vet costs to date have come to $405. He should not have any ongoing expenses as he has fully recovered now. Thank you to Amy, Curtis's additional vet fees have now been fully sponsored.

Curtis is in care in the Granville area

Curtis has been in foster care since 18 September 2022, for 6 months



DSH - female

Bianca came into care as a very shy and timid kitten with ringworm.

She has been created for but has had some ongoing medical issues and has required some additional care.

Update: 2/10/22. Bianca had to have dental surgery and has had 6 teeth removed due to ongoing gum issues. We are looking for ongoing sponsorship of her. Her medical costs for the dental is expected to be between $1000 and $1500.



Domestic Long Hair - male - 1 year and 2 months

Sponsorship required: Muffin has a Grade 4/5 heart murmur and needs an ultrasound to determine what is causing it which will cost $1000.

Muffin has been diagnosed with a heart murmur which means he will require quarterly check ups at the vet and may have to be on regular medication when he is older. He is a sweet, beautuful boy who is deserving of his own special family. Muffin plays and runs just like any other kitten. He loves to be cuddled and kissed and has the most gorgeous long blue/grey coat. He would really thrive in a family of his own.

Muffin has received his 1st and 2nd kitten vaccinations. He is microchipped and up to date with his flea and worm treatment. Muffin is eating Royal Canin Mother and Babycat dry food and uses crystal cat litter.

Please ring or text his carer if you are interested in adopting Muffin, and are able to provide for any special needs he may require in the future.

Muffin has been in foster care since 11 February 2022, for 1.1 years

Reginald (Regi)

Reginald (Regi)

Domestic - male

Little Reginald has come into care after being handed in by a good Samaritan to an emergency vet over the holiday period. He has spent 2 days at an emergency vet and has been handed over into foster care for some rest and recovery and on-going medical treatments.

Reginald has a spinal injury from an unknown cause and struggles to wee and poop on his own. He requires assistance to poop and wee from his carers and is on 3 sets of medications prescribed by the vets 4/1/22.

The hope is that with ongoing medication and TLC that the bruising and swelling will reduce and that he hopefully regains bladder and bowel movements as well as the use of tail however the tail may need to be amputated as its already lost a lot of tone and currently has no feeling in it.



British Bulldog - female

*Thanks so much to the dozens of donors who generously gave to help cover Betty's vet fees. Her costs have now been fully covered*

All the Animals that come to DCH are in need of care but some much more than others. This gorgeous girl is Betty and she came into our care from the local council shelter.

We are unsure how Betty came to have these wounds but the vets have suggested a dog attack. Betty has required surgery, blood tests, 2 X Rays and a one night stay with fluids.

Betty's vet treatment has come to $1200 so far and we are seeking donations from our supporters to help us with this cost.

If you would like to donate please see the links below.

Our primary focus is to get Betty the medical treatment she needs and to ensure she is returned to full health.

Lucky Betty found a caring home!



Maltese - female

Hi, I'm Melanie. Do you like my photo? I've just been washed. Everyone describes me as a delightful humorous friendly type of gal. I was found out partying and couldn't find my way home so I was grounded at the local Pound for 2 weeks until my current Rescue Group rescued me. I did have a microchip but the details were out of date.

However, I am looking forward to the next adventure in my life. I guess I should settle down now that I'm middle-aged, however, I'm still agile, walk well on the lead, toilet-trained, like to play fetch, don't mind a bath and flirt with resident dogs. I love meeting new people and dogs.

My Vet visit revealed that my teeth are only okay but will need addressing. I do have some lumps and bumps which come with
my past life as a breeding mum. Surgery is complete, now waiting for several results to come back.

I am best suited to a family with lots of visitors people who would like to throw my toys and balls and let me retrieve them for you. I am a little picky with food, however my favourite at he moment is roast chicken with steamed vegetables, raw steak and raw chicken necks. I do have some bones protruding so I will have to stay in care until my curves have better coverage.

Due to medical issues, Melanie is no longer available for adoption. Thank you all for your interest.

Melanie was adopted on 21 May 2021 after 3 weeks in foster care



Ragdoll - female

GREAT NEWS!: Mocha has changed dramatically since her dental treatment - she must have been suffering severe pain.

She's now decided to try to snuggle in the childrens' beds, and has become really calm and loving. Just as you'd expect of a ragdoll kitty!
She's absolutely ready to be spoilt in a family who'll love and cherish her. ....

This beautiful ragdoll, Mocha, was rescued from the Pound and taken into DCH care last month. Nothing was known about her background, but she was quite underweight and rather timid. Her carer saw that her mouth was clearly bothering her, so took Mocha to the vet who immediately undertook extensive dental work to make her comfortable and able to eat properly. No wonder she was so skinny, poor girl.

Anyway, Mocha is happily eating now, and enjoying the large and nutritious helpings she is being offered!

She is gradually coming out of her shell, but her current environment is quite active with young children and other cats, as well as dogs and bunnies, so she tends to maintain a good distance. On the other hand, when alone with her carer, Mocha really enjoys being petted and loved, and is a gentle soul. Because of this, we believe she will thrive in a quiet home, where she can happily be the centre of attention. To keep her safe, Mocha must be an indoor-only kitty.

Mocha is vet checked, microchipped and desexed; her vaccinations are up to date.

If you believe you can provide the furever home that Mocha so deserves, please email her carer. Mocha is currently located in Ermington.

MOCHA'S DENTAL BILL IS ESTIMATED TO BE $700 A big Thankyou to M.Holt for sponsoring Mocha's dental fees. These are now fully paidDCH would appreciate any amount you may be able to help us pay to this very large veterinary bill.
Our ability to raise essential funds to cover vet expenses has been substantially reduced this year due to the cancellation of fundraising events - which are a critical source of our income.

Mocha was adopted on 08 January 2021 after 2 months in foster care



DSH - female

Please don't overlook Buffy just because she is a run of the mill grey tabby ... she is divine in every way. Fabulous outgoing personality that would suit just about any household. she is cheeky , playful , affectionate and sooooo loving. I have had tradesman here and she has wanted to help (or get in the way) she really is a fantastic little girl.

Buffy has been in care with her brother Elliot and she has been raised with the 3 resident dogs who she just loves ... she has the utmost respect for the 3 resident cats.

Buffy loves food and is litter trained.

Buffy's adoption fee will cover her desexing when she is old enough. She has had her first vaccination and has been micro chipped , wormed and flea treated.

Honestly you can't go wrong with Buffy ...another kitty I would love to keep.