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Quarter Horse Mare - female - 6 years and 7 months

Foster Carer Required: Josie is only in very temporary care at the moment and is in need of foster carer or permanent home. If you would be interested in foster caring please contact usJosie is a lovely young mare, with a quiet nature and an extreme love of food – she needs an experienced owner to keep her roaring appetite in check as she is a very, very good doer!

She has only recently begun her riding career so will need someone to take her further. She has the making of a great all-rounder with the build to make someone a really athletic mount after some further training.

Josie is great to catch, rug, worm, shoe, trim and get her teeth done. She does need some further reassurance that the horse float is not a scary monster that will eat her.

Her current foster parent has only had her for a few weeks but she has shown herself to be a good, solid girl with the potential to be a great riding partner to someone with the experience to further her lessons.

Josie has been in foster care since 17 January 2018, for 6 months



DMH - female - 6 years and 8 months

**Foster Carer Needed**

Phoebe is a much loved family pet, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Unfortuantely her family is moving overseas in July and can't take her with them.

Phoebe is a lovely girl once she gets to know you, she can be shy when first meeting and although she doesn't love being hugged and cuddled she does enjoy pats and affection from her family, and is best with older kids or adults as little kids make too much noise for her.

Phoebe usually plays outdoor during the day and sleeps indoor.

If you can offer Phoebe a safe new home please contact us.



DSH - male - 7 years and 5 months

G.G. was a rescue kitten, who has become a divine, gentle man with the most beautiful (but quiet) meow. His favourite pastime is to sit beside one of his foster carers getting lots of strokes and pats.

G.G. has been in foster care tooooo long. But he has had great animal colleagues as well as humans during that time, so he is unphased by his big dog comrades and very used to living with a variety of feline friends. Perhaps a great addition to your growing menagerie?!

He will often sit upon his haunches like a meerkat when he wants to see what is going on, and loves to play a game of aeroplanes at bedtime if someone is up for it.

He is a bit shy with strangers, so takes a while to come round. But, once he knows you he trusts you, and is a delight to handle and have around.

It would be great if G.G. could find a furever home soon. He was overlooked so long because his profile and photos weren’t being kept up to date, so prospective adopters like you didn’t know what to expect. In any event, he now looks forward to meeting you soon at his temporary Glenhaven home.

G.G.’s adoption fee includes microchipping, de-sexing and up to date vaccinations.

G.G has been in foster care since 30 July 2011, for 7 years



DSH - female - 6 years and 9 months

Cherry is a very friendly girl as she gets to know you - once that purr motor starts it keeps going and going!

Cherry is a gentle and loving girl; she loves cuddles and will keep you company all day if allowed, by following you around and talking in little trills and meows. She can also be both playful and cheeky.

She has a gorgeously thick soft coat and beautiful markings. Cherry is fine with other cats and is happy to be around our cat-friendly dogs. She uses the scratching posts provided and is very clean with her litter tray.

Although she can be shy with new people and surroundings, Cherry blossoms once she knows and trusts you - so much so that she now loves to nibble on our fingers and toes!! She is such a lovely girl that just needs that bit of extra time.

Cherry is looking for an indoor home with a loving family who will make it easy for her to settle in. The family can include another cat-friendly pet.
You are welcome to visit Cherry, who is located at Mount Annan.

Cherry is microchipped, and de-sexed.

Cherry has been in foster care since 30 January 2013, for 5.5 years



DSH - male - 5 years and 7 months

Piccolo is an easy going boy, and doesn’t need a great deal of attention – as long as he knows he is loved.  Like most adult cats, he does enjoy a good sleep and he loves to lay next to his people while they are watching TV.  He is particularly happy if he’s allowed to snuggle up in bed at night. 

He could be called lazy,  if it weren’t for the fact he clearly lazes to keep his family company.  And, he is happy to play chase with a piece of string if offered!  He also love to rub around his humans’ legs – particularly if food may be on the horizon! 

As a mature and very calm pussy cat, Pic would make a lovely companion; once he gets over his initial shyness, he’ll love you for life.  However, he is not willing to share you with another feline…..

Piccolo has lived indoors to date.  He is de-sexed, and is up to date on all his vet requirements.  His adoption price is only $85.  Please contact Piccolo’s carer, Natalie - on 0413607360 -  to learn more about him.

**Piccolo had a few medical issues in his youth. A HUGE thankyou to all the people that sponsored Piccolo's vet fees. His extra costs have now been fully covered.

Thanks to Wayne, Gillian, Laine, Alison, Julie, Marlene, Peter, Amber and Susan

Piccolo has been in foster care since 07 March 2013, for 5.4 years



Domestic Short Hair - female - 5 years and 9 months

For everyone looking at this photo its a cat who loves sitting on the lounge, laying on the bed and being a normal cat.

For us as her Foster Carers its amazing! Alina (or Kitmans as we call her ) came into our care with 6 kittens November 2013. She was always on her own, never came inside and didnt want anything to do with us the first 2 years she was here.

Then,.all of a sudden, she became a different cat, sleeps inside on the bed every night will sit on the lounge with you and watch TV and is generally interested in whats going on.

We are hoping now that after years in care we can find her a home of her very own.

She isnt very fussed with other cats as long as they don't come into her personal space bubble.

If you think you can offer this girl a home please contact us!

Alina has been in foster care since 16 November 2013, for 4.7 years



DSH - female - 5 years and 1 month

Hello. This is Frenchie. My foster mum rescued me from a pound when I was a very scared pregnant cat. She helped me give birth to and to look after my 3 beautiful kittens - who she also found lovely homes for.
I’ve been cared for by her for a few years now, but I’d really like my own furever home soon……

Frenchie is a tiny little kitty. She is very affectionate and serene, and loves pats from her human carers whenever possible. She likes being outdoors, but would spend more time indoors if only one of the other cats in the household wasn’t quite so bossy! That said, she brushes noses on a daily basis with the small dog with whom she lives very happily.

Frenchie would no doubt thrive best in a quiet home, maybe as the only (and therefore Top) cat. She would love access to a garden…..where she could perhaps spend time with a cat friendly canine companion, should this be part of your existing family.

Frenchie is located in Glenorie, and would love to meet you.

She is already microchipped, de-sexed and all vaccinations are up to date.

Frenchie has been in foster care since 17 December 2013, for 4.6 years



Domestic Short Hair - male - 9 years and 4 months

TC was surrendered to the pound after his owner couldn't keep him anymore. He has come into Foster care and is such and easy and happy cat that fits right in.

He has no issues with other cats and loves my 5 year old son. TC would be happy and suited to almost any type of home, he is easy going and is waiting for you!

Located in WINDSOR NSW

TC has been in foster care since 11 April 2015, for 3.3 years



DSH - female - 9 years and 3 months

Update 30/7/2017 = Isabella is still looking for a new home along with her sister Angelina. Angie the most outgoing & Izzi the home body

Isabella's owner sadly passed away and she and her 5 feline companions found themselves all looking for a home. 3 have found homes with relatives, Isabella is one of 3 that are still in need.

Isabella meets us at the front door, she rolls around on the floor in front of us waiting for attention. Isabella is affectionate, inquisitive, she likes indoors and a little bit of outdoors, she is an ‘all rounder’, very pretty, attentive and loving.

Isabella comes desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and with all her favourite toys/bedding etc.



DSH - female - 9 years and 3 months

Update 30/7/2017 = Angelina is still looking for a new home along with her sister Isabella. Angie the most outgoing & Izzi the home body

Angelina's owner sadly passed away and she and her 5 feline companions found themselves all looking for a home. 3 have found homes with relatives, Angelina is one of 3 that are still in need.

Angelina is a tad more timid than her friends, she takes a while before she ventures out, she waits for Isabella and Louis to check things out first. Angelina is very placid, perfect indoor cat for one-on-one attention, Angelina is very angelic, hence her name, she shows her appreciation with lots of snuggles and purrs

Angelina is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and comes with all her favourite toys and bedding etc.