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DSH - male - 4 years and 5 months

If you are looking for the perfect cat, then look no further.
Jaffa is a sweet little boy who came into care on 24th August.

Jaffa settled into his foster home within a few hours and won the hearts of his whole foster family. He is sweet, gentle and just adorable.

Jaffa loves his food and is quite vocal when he is hungry, actually he is vocal when he wants attention also, all very cute. He will come to anyone in the house when called, he just loves to get pats and attention but is also happy to chill out on his bed or on the carpet in the sun.

Jaffa is happy with other cats, his foster family have 2 adult cats and he has already won them over, he just looks at them with his beautiful eyes and they melt.

Jaffa just wants a home where he can eat, sleep and gets lots of cuddles, this little boy has a beautiful nature and is very well behaved in the home.

Jaffa is fully litter trained and desexed, indoor cat only.

Jaffa has been in foster care since 24 August 2023, for 6 months



thoroughbred - gelding - 21 years and 7 months

Louie is a thoroughbred gelding who was born in 2002. He is a friendly and good natured horse, easy to catch and move around. He is good with other horses and copes well with the farrier which he sees every 6 weeks. He also likes being groomed and rugged.

He has had a dental check a few months ago and the few minor problems he had have now been fixed.

He has been wormed – usually the paste is put in a bran mash and he scoffs the lot. He loves his food so if you give him food, he will be your friend forever.

He appears to float calmly and had a long trip home (about an hour and a half). He floated well and came off calmly and easily.

Louie is very smart and easy to work with on the ground. He has lovely paces as he hoons around the paddock with the other horse. He can certainly jump! He likes to be lead pony so would need an experienced home.

Louie is looking for a new permanent home ideally but he is also in need of a new foster home now as his current carers can no longer foster care. If you think you might be interested in fostering him then please also get in contact with us, we'd love to hear from you

Louie has been in foster care since 06 January 2024, for 1 month



Mixed breed - mare - 17 years and 10 months

Tiny is a red roan, approx 13.3 hh.
She has been through a lot: starvation, abuse and neglect. Happily, she has blossomed in DCH's care, and will continue to gain trust in people in the right home.

Tiny has loads of personality! She is very smart and will learn quickly from a patient, kind and understanding handler. She can be a bit feisty in the paddock and is dominant with other horses and around food.

Tiny would suit an experienced home with someone who has time to do groundwork with her, she loves attention and being mentally challenged. 

Tiny has been in care for over a year. She requires an experienced home to further her education.




Tiny has been in foster care since 07 October 2018, for 5.3 years



DSH - female - 4 years


Jessica has experienced continual problems with her breathing following a bout of cat flu - as a result, she has been a regular visitor to her vet, and had to undergo antibiotic treatment and a couple of operations in order to try to resolve the issues. Unfortunately, her treatment is, and will be, ongoing until she is all better. The vet feels she's as good as she's going to get in her current environment (with lots of other cats about) and thinks she may well improve in a new home with less cats - possibly a cat that is allergic to other cats?? Anyway, for now she does have noisy breathing and it may or may not improve but we'd love her to find a home with a caring person willing to give her that chance.

Little Jessica wandered into our lives and we have been blessed with having her share her time with us. There was no sign of her Mum or siblings when she came up to us. She was starving. She enjoys dry food the most, but to give her a rounded diet, we get her to eat wet food as well. She's a big eater for such a little cat and doesn't seem very particular about what brand of food she eats. Currently she's on kitten food and she should be kept on this diet until she reaches an adult age. She'll probably remain looking like a young cat because of her little size.

Jessica has the most pretty sweet face. It's so petite.

Jessica has long little legs, and is a very small cat. She has grown since she's been with us, but I don't think that she will ever reach the size of an average cat.

She loves playing with other cats in our household, and because she is so tiny she's able to win most games of hide and seek because she knows she can slip into areas that others have no chance of ever fitting into. She's definitely got that game down to a fine art.

Although not currently a lap cat, it's probably only because she always seems to be on the move. She purrs and purrs when patted or picked up.

She is used to large dogs around her and isn't fazed at all by their presence.

Toys like a stick with a ribbon tied on the end is the sort of toy she loves the best. Plus she's highly excited with trying to catch a lazer light that is moved across the floor.

Jessica comes with her own designer cat carrier. I don't think I'll ever have the privilege of fostering such a tiny cat again so we've decided we should send the little girl off to her new home with her own classy cat carrier.

Jessica is microchipped, desexed and up to date with her vaccinations.

The vet fees associated with her treatment are large, and getting larger. Any contribution towards these would be very welcome.
Thank you*Thanks to Lorraine for fully sponsoring Jessica's vet fees to date. Her fees to date have now been covered.*

Jessica has been in foster care since 22 December 2020, for 3.2 years



Staffy x - female - 7 years and 5 months

Ellie was rescued from the pound when she was heavily pregnant. All of her puppies found fantastic new homes and now Ellie is looking for her new home as well. Due to her previous situation, she is scared of new people and new environments but once she has settled, she is extremely affectionate and loves to sit on your lap. Ellie is good with other dogs and loves to go for walks in quiet areas. Ellie requires a fully fenced backyard and is not suitable for a unit or apartment

Ellie has been in foster care since 25 September 2021, for 2.3 years



Domestic Short Hair - male - 2 years and 3 months

Kovu is a shy and gentle soul who loves stretching out in sunbeams while watching the birds out the window. Big snuggly beds are his go-to spot for rest and relaxation, and he thoroughly enjoys a good chin scratch.

When it comes to food, Kovu is a big fan! His love for mealtime is evident by the spirited and adorable meows coming from this usually quiet cat. Despite his reserved nature, he has playful moments wrestling and chasing his younger foster brothers around or catching wiggly toys with us humans. Although as an adult cat, Kovu is past the super energetic kitten stage, making him a low-maintenance pet.

We have been working on building his confidence and he is now ready to find a new loving and patient family who will give him time to adjust until he is ready to provide you with endless love and devotion. His affectionate nature makes him an ideal companion for someone who appreciates and values peaceful moments together.

If you're looking for a soothing presence in your life, Kovu might be the perfect addition to your family.

He is currently using wood pellet cat litter and thrives on a balanced diet of Raw Meow and Ziwi Peak, he has been raised as an indoor cat and so will need to go into an INDOOR ONLY home.

The $150 adoption fee includes:

  • Microchipping
  • Worming/flea-treatment
  • Vaccination
  • Desexing
  • Please use the "Send enquiry email" link below, if you have any questions or if you are interested in adopting. You must be an Australian Citizen or permanent resident and be over 18 years old to adopt an animal.

    Kovu has been in foster care since 10 December 2021, for 2.2 years



    Domestic Long Hair - male - 2 years and 1 month

    Sponsorship required: Muffin has a Grade 4/5 heart murmur and needs an ultrasound to determine what is causing it which will cost $1000.Thank you so much to those that donated towards Muffin's additional vet fees, her extra costs have now been fully covered

    Muffin has been diagnosed with a heart murmur which means he will require quarterly check ups at the vet and may have to be on regular medication when he is older. He is a sweet, beautuful boy who is deserving of his own special family. Muffin plays and runs just like any other kitten. He loves to be cuddled and kissed and has the most gorgeous long blue/grey coat. He would really thrive in a family of his own.

    Muffin has received his 1st and 2nd kitten vaccinations. He is microchipped and up to date with his flea and worm treatment. Muffin is eating Royal Canin Mother and Babycat dry food and uses crystal cat litter.

    Please ring or text his carer if you are interested in adopting Muffin, and are able to provide for any special needs he may require in the future.

    Muffin has been in foster care since 11 February 2022, for 2 years



    Domestic Short Hair - female - 2 years and 1 month

    Poppy was found by a good Samaritan and handed into a vet clinic before finding her way into care with DCH.

    She is a gentle, sweet girl and gets along well with the other resident kitties.

    She loves a belly rub and does a cute forward roll at her carer's feet when she wants attention.

    She's not too keen on being picked up but is happy to settle down on her carer's lap for a cuddle and to snuggle up to her carer at bedtime.

    She also enjoys watching fish videos on YouTube.

    She is still hesitant when meeting people for the first time but that doesn't tend to last very long and just means that a little patience will be needed when she moves to her new home.

    Poppy has had to deal with a number of allergy issues but these have now settled down although her allergies do mean that she has to be fed particular foods.

    Poppy would suit a quieter home where she can gets lots of attention when she needs it.

    Poppy is vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated and desexed and is looking for an indoors only home to keep her safe and secure.

    Poppy has suffered from gum disease and wasn't eating due to mouth pain. She has had to have surgery to remove her teeth and fix the issue. Her vet fees have come to over $3,000. If you can assist by sponsoring some of these additional costs please click on the links below

    Poppy has been in foster care since 26 March 2022, for 1.8 years



    Domestic Short Hair - male - 1 year and 11 months

    Meet Scully! This sweet little kitty is looking for his forever home where he can live as an indoor-only cat. Scully is a bit independent and takes a while to warm up to new people, but once he does, he is a wonderful companion.

    Scully sustained a major head scalp injury as a kitten, so he needs a calm and easy-going home where he can feel safe and secure. Despite his injury early in life, Scully is a curious and playful kitty who loves to explore his surroundings. He loves a good sleep during the day but will come running when it's food time and can hear food from anywhere in the house.

    If you are looking for a companion who will keep you company while also respecting your personal space, Scully is the perfect cat for you. With a little patience and love, he will quickly become your best friend.

    Scully has been desexed and is current on all his vaccinations. If you think you could provide Scully with the loving and patient home he needs, please consider adopting him today!

    Located in Acacia Gardens near Parklea.

    Scully has been in foster care since 05 April 2022, for 1.8 years



    DSH - male - 2 years and 4 months

    Murphy is a handsome young cat, he came into care after being found in a school yard with his siblings at the young age of 7 weeks.
    He is a nervous boy and would be best suited to a home where he will be the only cat where he can bond with his new family. He is in care with 2 other cats who demand cuddles and attention, this means Murphy just stays at arms length as he is nervous.
    Murphy loves to play and sleep with his 2 foster cats, he loves to sit at the door and watch the world go by.
    Murphy is happy to come and sit on the lounge beside you when the other cats are not around but as soon as they come up for cuddles he leaves them to it, this is why I think he deserves a home of his own where he won’t have to compete for attention

    Murphy has been in foster care since 09 June 2022, for 1.7 years