Dogs in our Care

These dogs and puppies have been rescued from various pounds and shelters by volunteer foster carers who provide the dog with a safe haven until they can be permanently rehomed. Dogs are located throughout Sydney, Australia.

Please note that descriptions of a dog's breed, age and size are given in good faith and are based on assessment of the dog's features, together with veterinary opinion. We cannot guarantee the age and breed of any dogs listed.

All dogs listed come desexed, vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and over 6 months of age heartworm tested.

Please note the age of each animal listed below updates daily.

Foster Carers Wanted

DCH is looking for volunteers to become foster carers for dogs in need.

Can you open up your home and yard to a needy dog to help give them a second chance?

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Dogs like this are needing help in NSW pounds now.

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Staffy x - female - 7 years and 5 months

Ellie was rescued from the pound when she was heavily pregnant. All of her puppies found fantastic new homes and now Ellie is looking for her new home as well. Due to her previous situation, she is scared of new people and new environments but once she has settled, she is extremely affectionate and loves to sit on your lap. Ellie is good with other dogs and loves to go for walks in quiet areas. Ellie requires a fully fenced backyard and is not suitable for a unit or apartment

Ellie has been in foster care since 25 September 2021, for 2.3 years



Mastiff X - male - 9 years and 11 months

Doug came into care with DCH after being found as a stray and taken to the local pound.

Doug had a HUGE dangling tumor which had impacted his life up until he came to us and had it removed which improved his quality of life.

Doug sits, shakes and has an amazing gentle personality, he is currently in a foster home with cats although he doesn't like them and will need a home with no other dogs or cats.

Doug is a gentle boy and lives with a 5 year old which he enjoys, he loves to attend tea parties with teddies but also likes to follow his foster dad to the shed to work on the car. Doug needs a home where he will be included in the daily life of his family, he has alot of love to give in his senior years and deserves to be loved back.

Doug is in care in the Hawkesbury Area 2756

Sponsorship Required for Dougs surgery - Dougs tumour has now been successfully removed. His Vet costs have come to $663. If you can assist to sponsor some of these costs please click the donation links belowThank You to Rosita, Doug & Savourlife - thanks to your genorisity Doug's additional vet fees have now been fully sponsored

Doug has been in foster care since 08 March 2023, for 11 months



staffy - female - 3 years and 11 months

Nala has come into care after being found in a park with her 7 puppies in a box. She is a sweet girl that has been easy going while in care and a great mum to her puppies. Nala will sit for a treat when asked and has been an easy going girl to have around.

Nala loves going for walks, she doesn't pull on the lead and would be suited to someone who is retired, who would love a devoted companion and can spend lots of time with her

Nala loves toys and when called has to find a toy to bring to you. If you can give Nala the home she deserves full of love and happiness then please come and meet her.

Nala has been in foster care since 28 March 2023, for 10 months



Dogue de Bordeaux x - female - 11 months and 2 weeks

Hi, my name is Daisy and I’m so glad you stopped to check out my profile.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am a six month old Staffy Cross puppy who is looking for her perfect home, but before we get too acquainted, settle in and let me tell my story

When I was a young whippersnapper, I was dumped in a park with my brothers and sisters as well as my mum. My brothers and sisters were found in a box with my mum close by I was so scared, not knowing what was going to happen to us until a nice lady came and found us and took us all to the local animal shelter.

We were all placed into a lovely foster carers home where we were all adopted by great loving families. My new home was fantastic and I really loved it but unfortunately my new owner could no longer keep me and I was sent back to foster care and so here we are.

I love going for walks and I get on well with other dogs although I am also happy to be by myself.
I walk Well on a lead, but sometimes I get excited and I try to jump up, but my foster carers are teaching me to have nice manners, it’s just that sometimes I forget

I love going for long drives, and I’m quite happy to sit in the backseat and not make a sound, I’m also 100%, toilet trained and I would never ever poop in your house.

I’m desperately trying to find a new home with someone that would love me as much as my brothers and sisters have found great homes, so if you would like to come meet me, then please contact my foster carers.
I hope to meet you soon. Love Daisy.

Daisy has been in foster care since 11 September 2023, for 5 months



Cairn terrier x - female - 2 years and 3 months

Brandy is a very sweet little dog who was surrendered to the rescue after the owners could no longer keep her
When first coming into care, Brandy was scared and very unsure of her surroundings but once settled she is a bright, intelligent and very friendly dog
She is still a bit tentative when meeting strangers however once she feels comfortable she is happy to sit on the lounge or your lap
Brandy is house and crate trained and loves her dinner
If you would like to meet her then please contact her carer

Brandy has been in foster care since 13 December 2023, for 2 months



staffy X Pug - female - 8 years and 1 month

Amber is a 8 year old Staffy/ pug mix. Amber is well house trained and loves her humans so a family that will include her in everyday activities is a must!

She is toy obsessed especially the fluffy ones and because of this does not get along with pocket pets/ cats as she thinks they’re toys but is very dog social and loves to make new dog friends while out and about.

Amber has basic manners and walks well on lead. Being medium sized with a bouncy personality any resident kids should be over 12 unless experienced with larger dogs.

Amber is Desexed. (no certificate provided but microchip shows as desexed and she was previously rehomed via a council shelter)

Location Lalor Park

Note: This is a private listing and Amber is still with her current owner who is looking to rehome home privately.



Labrador x Retriever - male - 8 years and 1 month

Sampson is GORGEOUS! He is very sweet natured and would be ideally suited for someone who wants to go for little walks or throw balls for him in the yard each day. He doesn't pull on lead, but does like to do his own thing and will wander off at dog park to investigate things that need to be investigated, including any gaps in the fences.

He has been an outdoors dog until now and LOVES his new indoors life. He is happiest wherever you are, but can also be left home alone and doesn't bark or destroy property (although he is a strong chewer and will polish of Kong squeaky tennis balls very quickly so only give him robust toys and watch carefully).

Sampson is very friendly with dogs and cats, even when they are not friendly back.

One look at Sampson and you will fall in love. He is a wonderful dog for someone who wants an easy-going, happy natured boy. He is very affectionate and well-behaved, perfectly toilet trained. He doesn't push in for food and waits patiently. In a word, a PERFECT senior dog.

Sampson has been in foster care since 09 January 2024, for 1 month



Labrador - male - 4 years and 8 months

Morgan is wonderful. He has lived as an outdoors dog until recently (but is now most definitely an indoors dog). Morgan has not been properly socialised but has so much potential. He is absolutely devoted to his humans and you will never go to the toilet alone again unless you shut the door!

Morgan is learning to walk on lead without pulling, hates his halti with a passion but absolutely lives to please his human. You will be the centre of his universe.

Morgan needs someone who will spend time with him and let him be with them - he is perfectly happy just to lay at your feet if you are working. He is learning to play with balls and toys very nicely. Morgan is doing well at dog park but needs your help to continue his socialisation and manage his excitement.

Morgan does not like to be left home alone and is learning not to bark, and doing really well! The welcome when you return is so enthusiastic you can't help but love him even more.

He really truly is the most loving little boy you could ever wish for, so eager to please, and he does learn. He is always eager to go for a car ride no matter where you are going.

Morgan is a real diamond that just needs a little more polishing.

Morgan has been in foster care since 10 January 2024, for 1 month



German Shepherd - male - 5 years and 9 months

Riggs is full of energy and ready to bring endless joy and love into your life! He is a sweet and affectionate companion who loves nothing more than showering his human friends with love and kisses and his playful nature ensures that there will never be a dull moment in your household. Whether it's chasing a ball, playing fetch, walks and thrives on training, Riggs is always up for an adventure. He's for a one pet house hold as he loves to soak up all the attention and will bring an extra dose of happiness and playfulness to your life.

As a pure bread German Shepherd, he has an amazing combination of intelligence and athleticism making him a one-of-a-kind companion who will steal your heart in an instant.

Riggs is not desexed but he is microchipped and vaccinated and comes with papers.



Maltese Shih Tzu X Jack Russel - male - 2 months and 2 weeks

Dennis is a very confident puppy who loves being the centre of attention
He loves cuddles, food, people and life
Dennis loves playing with his toys and can’t wait to become a part of someone’s family
He will be available for adoption once all of his vet work has been completed
If you would like to arrange to meet Dennis then please contact his carer

Dennis has been in foster care since 27 January 2024, for 4 weeks