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Dogs in our Care

These dogs and puppies have been rescued from various pounds and shelters by volunteer foster carers who provide the dog with a safe haven until they can be permanently rehomed. Dogs are located throughout Sydney, Australia.

Please note that descriptions of a dog's breed, age and size are given in good faith and are based on assessment of the dog's features, together with veterinary opinion. We cannot guarantee the age and breed of any dogs listed.

All dogs listed come desexed, vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and over 6 months of age heartworm tested.

Please note the age of each animal listed below updates daily.

Foster Carers Wanted

DCH is looking for volunteers to become foster carers for dogs in need.

Can you open up your home and yard to a needy dog to help give them a second chance?

Become a foster carer today. For more information on foster care and to apply for foster care, please click here.

Dogs like this are needing help in NSW pounds now.

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Staffy x - female - 5 years and 8 months

Hi my name is Lola
I’m a 5 year old staffy x
I love going for long walks although I can get a bit excited and pull on the lead. When this happens, my carer has to remind me that I need to walk nicely
I am fully toilet trained and I love my dinner and treats
I love going on new adventures
I really like other dogs but I don’t like those pesky cats unless I can chase them. Im told that this isn’t nice but sometimes I just can’t help it
I get very excited when I’m meeting new people so if you think you are my perfect match then I would love to meet you

Lola has been in foster care since 25 September 2021, for 8 months



Staffy x - female - 5 years and 8 months

Ellie was rescued from the pound when she was heavily pregnant. All of her puppies found fantastic new homes and now Ellie is looking for her new home as well. Due to her previous situation, she is scared of new people and new environments but once she has settled, she is extremely affectionate and loves to sit on your lap. Ellie is good with other dogs and loves to go for walks in quiet areas. Ellie requires a fully fenced backyard and is not suitable for a unit or apartment

Ellie has been in foster care since 25 September 2021, for 8 months



Pug Cross - male - 11 years and 3 months

Phil is an adorable pug mix that the vets estimate to be between 6-7 years old. What he lacks in size he makes up for in personality!

We don’t know anything about Phil’s previous home but when he came to DCH he had extreme flea allergy dermatitis and a yeast infection that caused some hair loss on his chest and around his tail. Phil has come a long way but his new owner would have to be able to commit to a sensitive skin diet and weekly medicated baths to ensure his skin keeps improving!

This handsome man started off very timid and scared at the pound but is now the biggest love bug and adores his human! Due to his rocky start in life Phil can be very wary of new people, especially men And does resource guard his house and favourite beds. Because of this Phil needs a quiet household with no children and no other animals.

Phil is quite an active guy and loves going on regular walks but is still learning what manners are so patience and ongoing training is a must!

Phil is a great companion and would love nothing more than a human that he can spend all his time with. He is toilet and crate trained so would enjoy being a predominately inside dog.

If you think Phil would make the perfect companion for you let us know!

His estimated DOB by the pound has been recorded on his microchip as 1/2/2011 however the vets who have seen him have suggested he is only 6-7 years old.

Located in Lalor Park.

Phil has been in foster care since 27 February 2022, for 3 months



Rottweiler X Bullmastif X Am s - female - 2 months and 3 weeks

Ash is now on hold for adoption after she is desexed on 20th May 2022.

This beautiful and cute puppy is a Rottweiler X Bullmastif X Am Staffy mix and has been surrendered into DCH Foster care to be rehomed.
We currently have 6 of these puppies from this litter in care separated between 3 different foster homes in 3 different suburbs.

At present we are taking expressions of interest until we have confirmed when we will be able to get them desexed at the vets prior to being able to rehome them. We are aiming to have them ready for adoption around 26th May give or take which is when their 2nd vaccination is due however it depends on when the vets will be willing to complete their desexing surgery.

They have received a basic health check at the vets on 26th April and have received their 1st Vaccination.
They have been microchipped and have received a worming treatment and will be dewormed every 2 weeks.
If your interested in adopting, please submit an enquiry / expression of interest and we will contact you to discuss further and can keep you updated on when we expect to be in a position to rehome them.

A little of what we know about Ash so far:

Ash is such an energetic and playful puppy, she always seems happy.
She is also a little bit sassy and sometimes stubborn; she knows what she wants and will make sure you know it too.
She is very food motivated and smart so definitely has the potential to be a very well behaved and entertaining pup, with some more training.
Ash is still learning that no matter how adorable it is, she is actually not supposed to grab the lead and take humans for a walk. She loves to play with tug toys and leap around like a deer, and has a cute little quirk, she likes to search the yard for leaves to play with, and not just any leaf it has to be the right one.
She is likely to grow into big dog and therefore will need a family with dog training experience to help her learn and grow into the amazing girl he is destined to be.

See more video footage here:

Ash has been in foster care since 26 April 2022, for 1 month



Pug - female - 4 years and 1 month

Vegemite has been surrendered by her owner via a vet clinic due to an eye ulcer injury that is going to need some medical attention. The eye ulcer is currently being treated with medications for the next few weeks to see if it improves however there is a risk at the moment that she may lose her eye if it does not improve.

Vegemite is a lovely friendly dog who seems very confident. She is currently 7.5 kg and will be vaccinated, desexed prior to rehoming once we know how the recovery on the eye goes.

Sponsorship Needed:
We are expecting that we will have on-going medical bills for Vegemite including several follow up appointments to review the eye. Any help towards her on-going medical bills would be appreciated.

Expressions of interest in adopting her once she is recovered are also welcome however we cannot say when she will become available as yet.

Vegemite has been in foster care since 29 April 2022, for 4 weeks



Maltese/Shih tzu - male - 4 years and 9 months

Anxious boy 8.9kg Axel was surrendered into DCH Care as an urgent request from the Pound. He has calmed down considerably by being in care. Seems to be scared of felines but tries to play with other dogs.

He loves discovering the back yard so will need a back yard, no apartment.

Initially did not like the lead. Foster carer will arrange vet check, Heartworm check and C5 vaccination.

1st photo was taken after 2 days in care. 2nd photo was taken at the Pound after he was surrendered.

Axel was pacing towards the front door continuously on his arrival, however settled down overnight and especially after he had a warm bath the next day.

Since arriving at the 2nd foster house, he has been on several walks, now walking well on the lead and has met several doggie friends.

He is coming out of his shell daily and will blossom to his full potential soon. Seems to be eating better than the last 2 days in care.

Axel has been in foster care since 30 April 2022, for 4 weeks

Fluffy and Rusty

Fluffy and Rusty

Maltez cross and Jack Russell - male - 9 years and 11 months

Fluffy (white Maltez cross 10 years) and Rusty (black and white Jack Russell cross 6 years) are beautiful loving desexed boys.

Their elderly owner is under palliative care and the family is not in a position to take the dogs on. Fluffy was rescued from the pound when he was 3 years old and Rusty became his adopted brother as a puppy. These two have been living as brothers for the last 6 years and dearly love each other. That's why they are being rehomed together.

Fluffy and Rusty are extremely loyal, intelligent, and loving. They are very attentive and love nothing more than cuddles. Both dogs are very friendly, good with visitors, good with other dogs and I'm sure would be good with children but there haven't been many children around. Both are good on the lead.

They cannot be rehomed with cats as they catch wild rabbits on the property where they live. Rusty has been on injections for allergies but it is likely to be food or plant allergies. There is an abundance of weeds in their yard that dogs are allergic to.

They've had the run of the house and need some kind discipline.

All vaccinations and medicals are up to date. Full medical history for both dogs is available.

If you've got some sunshine you can give Fluffy and Rusty they'll return it to you and tonnes more.

Fluffy and Rusty has been in foster care since 12 May 2022, for 2 weeks