Dogs in our Care

These dogs and puppies have been rescued from various pounds and shelters by volunteer foster carers who provide the dog with a safe haven until they can be permanently rehomed. Dogs are located throughout Sydney, Australia.

Please note that descriptions of a dog's breed, age and size are given in good faith and are based on assessment of the dog's features, together with veterinary opinion. We cannot guarantee the age and breed of any dogs listed.

All dogs listed come desexed, vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and over 6 months of age heartworm tested.

Please note the age of each animal listed below updates daily.

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Cattle x Kelpie - male - 1 year and 4 months

Roo is a high energy dog who would do best going to someone with space for him to run around and with someone who is an experienced dog owner.

I’d imagine he would make a great working dog if someone were to teach him the ropes as he loves to run and is very instinctual.

Roo is an absolute goof-ball and provides endless giggles! He loves to play fetch tho is not very good an bringing things back and is always up for a game of tug (but watch your fingers!).

He plays well will other dogs but can often be too rough and boisterous for the little ones.

He is house trained and knows basic commands (sit, stay, leave it, lie down, shake, on your mat, come).
He walks well on lead but sometimes jumps up and grabs the lead to play tug and it can be difficult to get him to stop.

This ball of energy loves a cuddle and is extremely affectionate and loyal. He is also used to living inside with the family and quickly becomes your second shadow.

House Trained: Yes

Behaviour around other animals: OK with animals generally but can be to rough for smaller dogs.

Behaviour with Kids: Jumps on them but eventually settles

General Behavioural Issues: Gets over excited and can be nippy. Jumps on people to greet in particular children. Additional training should help.

Vaccinated: Yes

Desexed: Yes



Labrador x Shar pei - female - 3 years and 8 months

This gorgeous, friendly, girl came into care with a severe flea allergy and extremely underweight. Thankfully, she has responded very well to treatment and foster care and her gorgeous chocolate coat has all grown back.

Milo has been raised in a busy home with older children and is very friendly with all she meets, although she may have had bad experience with large men and can be scared by them or other things (like brooms). She has adapted to living with other dogs extremely well but has yet to be tested with cats. She seems to enjoy having canine company for the first time in her life.

She is a smart girl and despite having very little training prior to coming into care she picked up the rules of her foster home very quickly. She can now sit on command and walks well on the lead without pulling. She also was fine travelling (restrained) in the car. To ensure her ongoing training an experienced dog home would be best.

She isn't as a large as a full labrador.

Milo is available for visits at her Glenhaven foster home. Please contact her carer to arrange a meet and greet.

She is up to date with all her routine vet treatments, and will be de-sexed prior to her adoption.

Milo has been in foster care since 06 March 2019, for 8 months



Siberian Husky - female - 7 years and 6 months

Winter is a beautiful 7 year old female Siberian husky.

She has been surrended due to owner not being able to give her to the attention she needs.

Winter is a gorgeous girl who loves attention from her carers, but not necessarily younger ambitious puppies who want to play with her. She's a complete sook around humans and would happily sit by your side all day.

She's not particularly active, but gets excited when it's walk time or to go for a ride in the car. Winter is terribly overweight, so her new owner should be willing to spend the time in providing her the adequate exercise she requires, although it will be slow going, as she tires easily. In saying that, during her time with us, she has lost some weight and proven to walk further than when we first met her.

She's protective of her food and will growl if another dog goes near her food or disturbs her peace but I haven't found her to be snappy at her foster carer.

We've discovered that she shakes hands, particularly when she knows she's getting a treat and at dinner time.

She's absolutely fine at the dog park and doesn't pay attention to the other dogs, but will mostly just sit instead of running around.

We believe Winter can be adopted by herself, but it would be good for her to have a companion if you already have another husky.

Due to her age, Winter does have some health issues:
Arthritis. Although her weight won't help here, with exercise you may find she will improve. We've also been mixing in "Aging Dog" powder to give her the vitatmins she needs.

Fly blown ears (although this is being treated with a repellent and improvements happening).
Cloudy eyes - the vets have advised this is not cataract and whilst it looks bad, she does have great eye-sight even though it may be a bit cloudy for her.
Zinc deficiency - her nose is a tell-tale sign that she has a zinc deficiency which can be easily treated by supplementing her diet with this vitamin.

IIMPORTANT: You CANNOT have a house with smaller animals such as cats, pocket pets or smaller dogs - as Husky-bred nature is to attack.

You would need a fully enclosed yard that is escape proof.

If you would like to meet Winter, please contact us to meet the beautiful old girl.

Winter has been in foster care since 17 May 2019, for 6 months



Blue Cattle Dog - male - 1 year and 1 month

Well. Not enough praise can be said about Rex. This young man, approximately 1 year old, has been recently rescued from a regional pound and well, he just fits right into the home life.
A gentleman is an understatement, he is living with 2 large breed dogs in his foster home, a male and a female, and has fitted right in with them. There has been nothing but play between them all.
Rex loves all human company, and is certainly a crowd-pleaser with his easy going attitude and happy nature.
Rex is already desexed, vaccination and microchipped. He will serve a 2-week quarantine just to make sure he is all healthy and set and then he is ready for his new home to love! Please call Rod, his carer, to meet this handsome and all-round loveable boy.

Rex has been in foster care since 14 October 2019, for 1 month

6 x stunning pups!

6 x stunning pups!

Staffy X Blue Cattle Dog - mixed - 4 months and 2 weeks

Introducing the clan of 6 recently rescued puppies!

These gorgeous young pups will be ready for adoption at the start of December when they are vaccinated, microchipped and desexed. But in the mean time why not have a consider whether your are ready for a pup in your life!

These 6 puppies are Staffy x Blue Cattle dog. They come in all the colours of the rainbow! They are very social, and love each other, their foster carer and their foster doggy siblings who they are in care with! Their doggy friends are both large breed dogs and so they would be well suited to a home with another friend if that is desired!

There are 3 males and 3 females. As you can see, each picture is labelled with a number, and so if you're interested please call Rod, their carer, to find out a bit more about each one and place enquiries! None of the puppies are named yet, so if you decide you would like to adopt one, you can organise with Rod to place a name on them and that way we can put that on their microchip forms ready to go!

Rod's number is 0418 239763, and these gorgeous babies are located in Revesby.

6 x stunning pups! has been in foster care since 30 October 2019, for 3 weeks



Pug-Jack Russel cross - male - 6 years

George is a lively friendly little dog who loves to be with people and other dogs (he has a 9 year old Staffy that he currently lives with). We adopted him as a rescue dog just under 3 years ago when he was 4. Sadly, due to changes in the family situation we are no longer able to provide him with the right environment and know that he would be better off in a new home.

All his vaccinations are up to date, and he is regularly treated for ticks/fleas and internal parasites.
George has been de-sexed and is microchipped.

George loves to explore, so he needs to be living in a dog proof back yard (something his current home lacks). He would be best suited to a new home with people who can give him the attention he loves. He loves to be with people and he does like being on your lap when you sit on the couch (he doesn't mind hopping up on your bed either). He is a very affectionate dog, and is happy inside or out, but he does like to patrol he boundaries of the property and will bark at people that approach the property and of course other dogs, so from this perspective, he is a perfect watch dog.

On the lead he will tend to pull a bit, but being a small dog, he won't drag you along. He does listen to his name, but we have not managed to gain the kind of control over him such that we can call him back when off the lead if another dog is around. This maybe a skill that can be trained if you spend the time with him.

It is important to keep him on a lead when he meets other dogs for the first time as he can try to be assertive with them.

His toileting has been patchy. When he first came to our previous home we managed to get him under control, but if he gets up before you and doesn't have access to the outside, he will unfortunately go to the toilet inside.

George would be great company for kids over 5. He does love to snuggle and he is a very attractive dog and can be quite attentive.



West Highland Terrier Cross - male - 7 years and 9 months

Lenny is a 7.5 year old West Highland Terrier X who is around 9kg in weight. He is a beautiful friendly boy who loves being around people. He is people orientated and loves attention and company. He is in need of a new home as unfortunately his home situation has changed to moving around and a loud 2-year-old who constantly chases him around the house and stands over him, Lenny has become anxious and nervous and is constantly being chased around by the toddler.

Lenny will give his new owners love, affection and company.
He walks well on a lead but is generally walked around other dogs to avoid confrontation. He is house trained and spends most of his day indoors. He will let you know when he needs to go outside to the toilet.

He was last vaccinated in May 2019. He is next due for his vaccination in 2022 and needs a kennel cough vaccination in May 2020.
Lenny has been with his current owners since he was a puppy so it’s a very hard decision for them to rehome him but they believe rehoming Lenny would be the best for him.

An Ideal home for Lenny would be
A home where he can be a mostly indoors dog.
A home where the owner is home most of the time and can devote time
and attention to Lenny.
A home with elderly owners is probably an ideal fit.
A home with no other dogs.
A home with no small kids or toddlers.

Lenny is currently receiving on-going Anxiety medication of which comprises of ½ tablet twice daily that is given with his food. It’s expected that this would be an on-going requirement as he has been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

Lenny had bladder stones in 2017 which required surgery, Lenny is on a special diet of Hills L/D food and has an on-going requirement to be fed only Hills L/D food.

Lenny can be dog aggressive especially of dogs coming towards him so he is best in a home where he is the only other dog. He seems to tolerate dogs in other yards. He seems to tolerate cats and gets along with them and its only other dogs that scares him.

Lenny's front feet have been splayed from birth but it does not give him any on-going issues.

Lenny is desexed, vaccinated, wormed. He has good teeth and looks healthy, bright and alert. He has just had a hair cut & grooming to be ready for the hot summer months.

He is a friendly boy who enjoys pats and rubs and likes a good rub around the side of the face and neck. He will thrive in a nice quite home where he gets lot of attention.

Please contact us if you think you can provide Lenny the quiet home that he needs while keeping up with medications and diet.

Lenny has been in foster care since 10 November 2019, for 1 weeks