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Cats in our Care

These cats and kittens have been rescued from various pounds and shelters by volunteer foster carers who provide the cat with a safe haven until they can be permanently rehomed. Cats are located throughout Sydney, Australia.

Please note that descriptions of breed, age and size are given in good faith and are based on assessment of the cat's features, together with veterinary opinion. We cannot guarantee the age and breed of any cats listed.

All cats listed come desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.

Kittens will only be rehomed when over 8 weeks of age.

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DSH - male - 6 years and 6 months

Meet Jayde:

Hi, I’m Jayde, your friendly neighbourhood cat!

I may appear shy at first, but give me a little time and we’ll be best buddies!

I love to play with cats and dogs, but they have to like me too!

I have a white horseshoe mark across my back and people think it gives me good luck because I was bitten by a paralysis tick, but with veterinary care I have made a recovery!

My interests: Cuddles, naps and head scratches.

My bucket list: To bring the whole world good luck with my horseshoe marking.

My ideal match: A caring family who would welcome me with arms wide open.

Let’s hope my lucky horse shoe can find me a forever home too!

I am microchipped, desexed and up to date with my vaccinations, so I'm raring to go!

Jayde's vet expenses for treatment of his tick bite came to $437. If you can help sponsor him please see details below

**DCH would like to say Thank you to Natalia, Davy, Carolyn, Lisette and Hui for their generous donations towards Jayde's vet fees. His additional costs have now been fully covered.**

Jayde has been in foster care since 24 October 2015, for 4.7 years



Domestic Short Hair - female - 4 years and 5 months

Fuss-free independent gal.

If Destiny’s Child was writing a song about a cat, Independent Woman would be Callie’s anthem - she likes things on her own terms. Happy lying around doing her own thing, Callie is a fuss-free cat looking for a peaceful home to keep her safe and warm.

With a shy personality, Callie has been overlooked for some time - it’s hard for her to make a first impression when she’s hide-and-seek champion of the house!

That said, Callie adores other cats and would love a home with feline company. She might not be the snuggliest when it comes to humans, but Callie loves to cuddle up to her kitty friends and purr the night away on the couch.

With the nature of an older soul, Callie could be a great companion for an older person who is looking for some company and not necessarily a needy lap cat. Preferring to lie about in a sunny spot watching the world go by, Callie is fuss-free and low maintenance.

Ready to move in ASAP, we’d love to hear from you if Callie could call your place home.

Located in Quakers Hill NSW.

Callie has been in foster care since 19 February 2016, for 4.3 years



Domestic Short Hair - female - 4 years and 8 months

Camden has grown into a beautiful young adult with striking markings. Needing less attention now she is no longer a kitten, Camden may well fit in with a working person or couple, as easily as she could love an entire family.

Camden loves treats, and sleeping in her little pot with her baby beanie boo possum. She can be shy, but loves affection when she’s in the zone! She likes plenty of cuddles and loves to have a good belly rub, as well as playing, laying in the sun, and chasing things. Oh, and she has a great appetite.

Camden’s speciality is head butting and purring, and she really enjoys being with her human foster family. But, now she really would like to have her own family, so that in a short time this little girl can love you unconditionally.

Camden is already de-sexed, and is up to date on all her vet requirements.

If you’d like to arrange to meet Camden at her Narellan foster home, please contact her carer, Christine - on 0413 317 481.

Camden has been in foster care since 07 September 2016, for 3.8 years



DSH - female - 8 months and 2 weeks

Having spent the last 3 months in foster care, she has learnt that evenings are best spent snuggled on her foster humans lap, days are spent playing and snoozing with her kitty friend, and every morning when the bedroom door opens, is an opportunity to come up to her foster human for morning neck scratches and cuddles.

Disney is cautious but trusting and would suit a quiter home. She is loving and affectionate, and will regularly come to you for cuddles and pats when you're sitting quietly on the couch, or in bed. She would make a wonderful sleeping companion if you wanted a kitty to sleep on your bed, and would make friends with your existing cat/s.

Disney is looking for an indoor-only home with a caring, patient owner that is willing to give her the time she needs to settle into her new home.

Her adoption fee includes her desexing, 1st vaccination and microchipping, as well as her being current with flea and deworming schedules.

Disney lives with the carer's resident cat, and is located in Windsot, NSW.

Disney has been in foster care since 13 December 2019, for 6 months



short hair domestic - male - 7 years and 6 months

Meet Phoenix

Such a beautifully natured slim brown/grey tabby male with lovely green eyes.

Phoenix was on the streets when he came into our care. While he was then almost skeletal and rather poorly, he has nonetheless proved extremely affectionate and behaves more like a dog than a cat as he follows his humans … to the extent you have to watch out for him getting under your feet!

He has been around a small terrier type dog and is very laid back and tolerant with him. He seems to have no fear of him, even sharing his food bowl. Phoenix happily lives alongside his multiple feline foster friends, too.

In fact, Phoenix is an unusually laid back and affectionate gentleman. He loves to head butt, chirp and talk to you while you are wandering around, then to keep you company when you sit. Best of all he loves bedtime with his humans.

Now just over 7 years’ old, Phoenix has happily adapted to being an indoor only cat and his new home should be indoor too in order to keep him safe. He would make a wonderful loving addition to almost any type of family as long as you are up for lots of attention, chats and cuddles.

He has had quite a few vet visits during his stay with us in his bid to become well, but has now muscled up beautifully, and passed his health checks with flying colours! So, Phoenix is actively seeking his safe, furever home.

Phoenix is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, and is up to date with flea and worm treatments.

If you'd like to visit Phoenix at his foster home in Hoxton Park, please phone his carer, Karen

Poor little Phoenix came into our care with a sinus infection, followed by dental treatment. He's all better now, and is able find his new home - with many thanks to his sponsorship from Jo Newell.

Many animals which come into our care require significant medical care to ensure their wellbeing and ability to be successfully rehomed. Contributions are gratefully received.

Phoenix has been in foster care since 27 December 2019, for 6 months



Domestic Short Hair - male - 3 months and 3 weeks

Leo is a beautiful boy who is extremely playful. He is very independent and active. He enjoys sitting on your shoulders and will purr when held and cuddled but he won't be a lap cat. He is very strong willed and will chase anything that moves. He is super friendly but can play a little rough so is best in a home without young children. He is used to playing with younger teenagers but still manages to scratch their hands and arms during play time.

He likes to play in his bowl of water as he thinks is very fun.
His favourite toy at the moment is a shoelace that he likes to chase around the house and also like a teaser toy.

Leo has received 2 F3 vaccinations is microchipped, desexed and treated for worms and fleas. He will need to be lifetime registered with council by his new owner.

Leo is looking for a loving new forever home where he can be an indoors cat and receive lots of love and play time.

Please contact us for any more information on Leo or to meet him.
As we currently receive lots of enquiries please include as much detail as you can in your enquiry about yourself, your family and your home to help us determine the most suitable home for him.

Leo has been in foster care since 16 April 2020, for 2 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 1 year and 6 months

Meet Emerald! Emmi, as she's called by her carer, came into care with her 4 beautiful babies. She was scared and confused at first but she's slowly realising that life doesn't have to be so hard.

Emmi is an excellent mum, very relaxed and sweet. She spends her day nursing, cleaning and relaxing whilst her babies are learning to run and jump.

Emerald loves a good pat and scratch and will now rub herself against legs in order to receive her meals.

Emmi would make an excellent cat for someone who will be able to give her time and space to find herself and come out of her shell. She is affectionate and sweet and would love a warm lap to curl up on during the winter months.

Emmi is vet-checked, microchipped, vaccinated and flea/worm treated. She will be desexed prior to re-homing.

If you would like to arrange to meet this lovely mumma, please contact her carer.

NOTE: All visits will be by appointment, and in accordance with prevailing social distancing protocols. Given travel restrictions, a ‘meet and greet’ may instead be arranged via videoconference.

Emerald has been in foster care since 22 April 2020, for 2 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 1 year and 6 months

Mavis has been surrendered into care to find her a new home.
She has had a litter of kittens prior to coming into care and we have rehomed her kittens and its now Mavis' turn for a forever home.

Mavis is estimated as approximately a year and a half old by the vets by its just an estimate.

She had been living tough on the streets before she found help from a property owner. Mavis is a friendly cat and purrs quickly. She enjoys a good pat and likes company. She will take pats when upside down and will knead with her claws.

She is very strong, lean and is used to being an independent. We would recommend that she is kept inside as an indoors cat going forward. She is probably best as a single cat in the home and in a home where she is allowed to explore and climb.

She was desexed on the 28/5 and has received 1 X F3 vaccination and is due for a 2nd at the end of the month.

She has had flea and worm treatments and is microchipped.

For more information please contact us.

Mavis has been in foster care since 17 May 2020, for 1 month



Domestic Short Hair - female - 2 years and 7 months

Bobbie's owner moved away and left her behind. She has had 2 litters of kittens according to the neighbours. She has now been desexed on 28/5 and is looking for a new family.

She has been living rough on the streets for at least a year and has been used to visiting neighbours for food. She is a lovely cat and has a wonderful purr but you have to earn her trust first. She is a little shy and timid and takes a little while to come out of her shell. We strongly recommend her as an indoors only cat to keep her safe and protected and loved.

She does shed some fur and will need at least a weekly brush.

She has received her 1st vaccination and will receive a 2nd towards the end of the month. She is available now to a home where she will receive love and attention and have the patience to allow her to adjust and settle into a new life.

The vets have estimated she is around 2.5 years old but is just an estimate.

She is located at the PETstock adoption enclosure at Marden Park and can be visited and viewed during PETstock trading hours.

Bobbie has been in foster care since 17 May 2020, for 1 month



Domestic Short Hair - male - 2 months and 3 weeks


Indoor Only Cat

Available From 18 July 2020

Vader and his 5 siblings (Violet, Vincent, Vonnie, Valla, and Vindi), were found living under a house with their mumcat when they were about 4 weeks old. The litter of 6 kittens were brought in to foster care and Mumcat was desexed.

Vader can be quite a talkative little kitten and has a very loud meow for his size! Although initially a little shy, it doesn't take too long for his curiosity to win. Vader will adapt fine into most homes, and as long as he feels safe and loved, his confidence will also grow.

The $200 adoption fee includes microchipping, worming, first vaccination and desexing. These 6 kittens are also litter-trained and socialised with other kittens and cat-friendly dogs.

Vader will be desexed 14 July, and will be ready to go to his new home from 18 July 2020.

Please use the "Send enquiry email" link below, if you have any questions or if you are interested in adopting.

As we currently receive lots of enquiries for each kitten, please include relevant details about yourself and your home/other pets. If you are renting, please ensure that you have approval for a cat BEFORE you lodge interest.

You must be over 18yrs old and an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident to adopt an animal from DCH

Vader has been in foster care since 24 May 2020, for 1 month