Rehomed and Stories

The dogs, cats and horses featured below were fostered through DCH Animal Adoptions and have now found permanent loving new homes.



mini French X British Bulldog - female

Jellybean is a miniature French cross British bulldog who is playful, friendly and affectionate. Whenever you come home she will always be excited to see you. Jellybean walks well on a lead and is house trained. She is currently living with a cat and as this is the first time in her 3 years she has lived with a cat she is still adjusting.

She lives in a small apartment and can live is both an apartment or a house. Jellybean has had a problem with her spine which means she is not allowed to jump off furniture and should not jump up on people or animals. For this reason she is not suited to a household with young children. She is also not suited to a home with lots of stairs.

Jellybean is intelligent and an absolute delight to have around. She may take a little time to warm to strangers but once she forms a bond she will always want to be by your side.

Jellybean was adopted on 16 November 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Matisse (adopted 2011)

Matisse is still with us and doing very well! He now has a little 10 month old brother! Thank you so much! We love him to bits!

I love remote control cars! Chasing them is the best and im quite good at it!

Love my new bed!

Big fan of doggy parks! Love meeting new friends here!

My family! ❤️ Jacques & Matisse