Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Jack Russell X - male

Teddy is a Jack Russell X (possibly with a beagle as he seems to have some beagle characteristics) who was surrendered to DCH because the owner's new rental home did not allow dogs.

Teddy is a very friendly dog who loves other dogs and people. He has spent the first ten years of his life as an outside dog so has not been house trained but that training is underway. He lives in doors at his foster home and is free to go outdoors whenever he likes.

He currently lives with 4 other dogs and they all get along great. Teddy does love the companionship of his foster carer and loves to sit with her on the couch.

He has settled in really well in his foster home and loves his daily walks and especially going to the dog park. At the dog park he loves saying hello to all the other dogs and getting pats from the people in the park. He is gentle and easy going. Teddy could live with another dog or on his own and could be a indoor or indoor/outdooor dog. He would benefit from a medium to large backyard. He has lots of energy for a 10 year old. He has had no experience with cats.

Teddy was adopted on 28 March 2020 after 4 weeks in foster care



American bull dog - female

Winnie didn’t have the best start to life, being found in pretty terrible condition. She had a very large burst cyst on her neck, fur missing all over and a deformed front foot.

Since being in care Winnie has flourished, receiving the medical treatment she so desperately needed. Winnie is a very chilled out girl and has only had positive reactions to every animal she has met, including rabbits! She has also lived with children aged 2 - 12 and just loves being around people.

Winnie will need a home that understands the breed and all that entails owning the French bulldog breed. Winnie is a dog that will require extra medical care as she gets older for arthritis and will need injections for this.

If you would like to discuss Adopting Winnie and then have a meet and greet with her please email us and we can set up a call.

Winnie was adopted on 25 March 2020 after 3 weeks in foster care



Kelpie X - male

My name is Louie or Loulou and I'm a typical energetic chocolate Kelpie puppy. I absolutely love people and I'm good with other dogs.

My energy levels are high so my forever family would need to have a rather active lifestyle: going to the beach, camping, bush walking and hiking are regular activities I really enjoy. When I am not given enough attention or exercise, I tend to get bored and rearrange the whole garden. I would benefit greatly from living with another similar dog as it would teach me the rules of the house.

Puppy School is needed and preferably owners with experience in training puppies/dogs as a strict and consistent training will redirect my energy into productive learning.

I currently weigh around 12kgs and I'm nearly 6 months. It is hard to say how heavy I'll be as an adult but probably around 20kgs and I'm not a tall dog.

I have a super positive personality and I am good with cats. My excitement can get the best of me but I am good to stay in the garden while my carers are at work with my toys. I can keep myself entertained when alone and I'm not a barker. However, once you're home, I need your full attention!

If you think you fit this description, you might be the awesome family I've been waiting for!

I am desexed, wormed, flea-free with my 1st vaccination done and I've got a nice short coat that doesn't shed much.

Louie was adopted on 07 March 2020 after 2 months in foster care



Pomeranian x - female

Delightful Polly is a quiet well-adjusted friendly 4.35kg bundle of love. Polly was found wandering the streets and was picked up and brought to the Pound. Despite an ad being placed in the local paper, no one came forward to claim her.

Polly loves to cuddle up on the lounge with whichever human is available. She will also lay at your feet and rollover waiting for a belly rub. It seems as though in her previous life, she either slept on her human's bed or very close by on the floor. Polly enjoys little adventures and seems to travel well in the car, and also walks well on her lead during her little walking adventures.

Polly is currently living inside most of the time, with someone around her for most of the day, so it would be great if Polly can go to a home where her humans will be around a lot! She seems to have some toilet training, as her carer has noticed she does a little dance around in a circle to let her know its time to go.

Polly is very possessive and wants to be with you always. She is currently in a home with four small to medium size dogs, but only has limited contact with them, as at first, Polly seems to get along well with other dogs, but once she has made herself comfortable, she tends to be a little possessive when they are near her human and snaps at them and runs away. Therefore, Polly would be best suited in an only dog home so she can enjoy all of your attention. Polly is not currently living with any cats, but we believe she has lived with one cat previously and didn't seem to be too impressed by them!.

Expressions of interest welcome by e-mail detailing where Polly is likely to reside, and general household situation and where her owners are mostly at home.

Polly has experience of living with teenagers and has come out of her shell since her dental issues were rectified initially in foster care.

Polly is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, and has received a clean bill of health from the vet.

Should you feel Polly could be the girl for you, feel free to e-mail her carer and organise a meet and greet.

Polly was adopted on 06 March 2020 after 2 months in foster care

Toronto (Tonto)

Toronto (Tonto)

Terrier x Chi - male

Hi, I'm the mighty Toronto or Tonto for short, well I am short but I've got a tall personality. I might be 3kgs but it's 3kgs of solid love and affection for my fellow humans and caninies.
I was found wandering the streets out west and brought in to a Pound for some shelter and a vaccination. I am now on the hunt again for a furever home. I was thankful that DCH Animal Adoptions rescued me even though I know it's an interim holiday.
I love my tummy being scratched and can do a few tricks on demand. Whilst your're driving, I do tend to want you to make contact somehow with me but I will settle if you hold my paw. I am low shed and stay still in the laundry tub whilst being washed.
I'm super friendly and am looking for a home with someone who needs company either for them or for their canine too.
I'm due to be desexed at the end of next week so I'll need time for the wound to heal but in the meantime if you'd like to meet me, I'd be delighted.
Please e-mail my carer with a description of your background and how you will care for me and we will shuffle through all the applications and select the best match.
Thanks for reading my profile and I hope to meet you soon.
Bye for now, love Toronto xx Meet and greet 18/02/2020 successful

Toronto (Tonto) was adopted on 03 March 2020 after 3 weeks in foster care



Maltese Terrier - male

Hi I'm Toby. I was found wandering the streets out west and was found by a lovely Ranger who took me to the pound and Vaccinated me. Under Duty of Care, DCH Animal Adoptions were contacted to pick me up immediately as life in a pound is hard, especially for a 15 year old and the hot weather was just around the corner. Well after a search for my family, no one came forward to claim me so here I am waiting for a furever family to look after me till the end. I was completely matted and covered in fleas and my initial carer removed a tick phew! I am described by my current foster carer as a friendly older gent. I am great in the laundry tub having a bath and sit still when I am being groomed. I don't eat much and I learnt to use doggie doors the very same afternoon I arrived. I don't like cats, but I do like people. I am active and agile for my age. The best family for me would be an older family so we can grow old together. If you'd like to meet me, please e-mail my carer with your living situation so that all applications can be sorted into the best home for me and you. Bye for now, hope to meet you soon. Toby xx

Toby was adopted on 27 February 2020 after 2 weeks in foster care



Labrador X - female

Looking for the perfect family dog? Tina is your girl. At approximately 5 months old, Tina has just been rescued from a regional pound and is living in her foster home with her many foster siblings.
This girl just thrives on people, and as such would work so well in a busy family setting where people are around most of the time. Tina would not be suited to a home where she is left for long periods of time as her love for people is just too strong. With this, she will need strong and high fencing, with no small gates - she will definitely come looking for you if you're out too long and the fences aren't high enough!
Tina gets along with all of her current foster family, and so would definitely fit right into a home with another dog.
Tina is being vaccinated this week, and desexed next week, after which she will be ready for her new home. Please call her carer Rod on 0418239763 for more information, and to organise to meet Tina!

Tina was adopted on 22 February 2020 after 2 months in foster care



Shitzu x - female

Bel-monti was found wandering the streets by someone who took her to the local Pound. The pound Vet started pain relief and antibiotics to combat her severe flea infestation which resulted in loss of hair from her shoulders back to her tail.

Bel-monti is a friendly happy girl despite her ordeal and obviously feeling better now that she is being treated for her condition. She weighs 6.35kg, is energetic, loves her toys and is people and dog friendly and walks well on the lead.

Bel-monti's skin and hair condition will take some time to repair, so she will not be available for adoption until approximately mid-late January 2020.
Following Vet Check it is deemed necessary to remove some nasty looking lumps which may or may not be cancerous, at the same time as spaying and repairing Bel-monti's hernia which has now been carried out. The biopsy results were negative, stitches are out but that persistent allergy is still there.

**For less side-effects, the new owner should consider either committment to an elimination diet or a monthly injection which could work out as much as $150/month.

**Serious adoptees only

Bel-monti was adopted on 02 February 2020 after 1 month in foster care

Saving the best til last! Timmy is still up for adoption!

Saving the best til last! Timmy is still up for adoption!

Staffy X Blue Cattle Dog - mixed

Timmy is the last of our beautiful litter of 6 Staffy x Blue cattle puppies who are up for adoption! He has lovely unique markings that resemble that of a Kelpie! Contact Rod on 0418239763 to meet Timmy!

These gorgeous young pups will be ready for adoption at the start of December when they are vaccinated, microchipped and desexed. But in the mean time why not have a consider whether your are ready for a pup in your life!

These 6 puppies are Staffy x Blue Cattle dog. They come in all the colours of the rainbow! They are very social, and love each other, their foster carer and their foster doggy siblings who they are in care with! Their doggy friends are both large breed dogs and so they would be well suited to a home with another friend if that is desired!

There are 3 males and 3 females. As you can see, each picture is labelled with a number, and so if you're interested please call Rod, their carer, to find out a bit more about each one and place enquiries! None of the puppies are named yet, so if you decide you would like to adopt one, you can organise with Rod to place a name on them and that way we can put that on their microchip forms ready to go!

Rod's number is 0418 239763, and these gorgeous babies are located in Revesby.

Saving the best til last! Timmy is still up for adoption! was adopted on 01 February 2020 after 3 months in foster care

Mudgee and Saffy

Mudgee and Saffy

Mixed - mixed


These two well-loved doggies have suddenly found themselves homeless due to their owner’s serious medical condition. They are currently in temporary care, and are hoping to find new furever homes as soon as possible.

Both dogs are great with other dogs and would happily fit in with families with resident dogs. They do not have to be re-homed together.

Mudgee is a very friendly ten year old desexed male labrador. He is lovable and loves people and other dogs. He would suit any family environment, but would be a great friend for an older retired couple.

Saffy is a female Kelpie cross, some two and a half year’s old. She is a friendly energetic girl who would suit a family with kids. She will be de-sexed prior to adoption.

Please contact Suzanne if you believe you could find space in your home and heart for one or both of these friendly dogs.