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Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Kelpie X Border Collie - female

Hello! My name is Fia. I'm approximately 6.5 years young and am a Border Collie X Kelpie.

The first thing you should know about me is that I am a people-loving dog - I truly cannot get enough of them. Hugs, kisses, playing, walking, I am there. In my foster home I've found my new favourite place is truly where ever my foster carers are, and often recently that has been in the middle of them, taking up most of the lounge! And whilst I'm there, I make sure to swap which end my head is so I've always got my head and paws right up close to them, in the perfect spot for pats. In my previous home I also lived with 2 children, and I absolutely loved them. I'm super gentle and watchful, so would be more than happy going to a home with children of any age.

Living up to my breed, I'm a super smart and attentive girl. In my previous home I was really well trained, and so I know all the usual commands and always come when I'm called. This really helps my 'on the lead' skills. I am an active walker, and whilst I don't necessarily pull there will always be tension on the lead. I'm a bit stronger at the start too, but then once I'm in my rhythm then the slack on the lead gets better again. When walking past other people I don't show any interest, so thats good as I'm not walking in all directions at all.

The only thing I pay a bit of attention to on my walks, and when I'm out, is other dogs. I've not shown any aggression towards other dogs since being in my foster home, but I do get fixated and tense when they are around. I have been introduced already to other quiet dogs and again, haven't done anything wrong, however I'm not sure if one may push me a bit far and then I might not be okay anymore! In my previous home my owners said that I was dominant with other dogs, but they were able to let me off and once my excitement had settled down I was absolutely fine playing with others. As a result, it may be better that I go to a home without other dogs around - then I get all the attention too! If you do have another dog they would probably need to be quite quiet, and we would need quite a few meetings before we could say we would be okay living together.

Finally, given my breed again, I would be best going to a home that has a good backyard and really good, high fencing. My old owners tried to rehome me previously and I was able to escape, but I haven't shown any interest in getting out of my foster carer's yard.

My paperwork with the council is still be processed, and I've got to be vaccinated at the vets, which will hopefully mean I'm ready for my new home in about 3-4 weeks. Please call Gemma, my carer, on 0435939858 to chat and maybe come and meet me!

Kisses and hugs, Fia

Fia was adopted on 30 May 2020 after 1 month in foster care



Kelpie - female

This lovely mature lady is Bella, but don't let her age fool you! She is an active and fit who loves her walks, but certainly also loves those cuddles.
She is very very friendly and gentle with all people and children, having grown up with children in her own home.
She has perfect manners both on and off the lead, and is well trained and obedient.
Bella had to leave her old home due to fights between her and the older dog, and an ongoing cat fixation. As a result, it would be best that Bella does not go to a home with either dogs or cats, and she gets all the attention to herself!
Please contact Gemma for more information.



Staffy - female

**25/4 On Hold due to the large number of enquiries, We will need some time to for our carer to review the current interest that has been received via email and over the phone**

The Beautiful Shadow is approximately 6 weeks old, and has just come into care with her sister, Dory.
They are your text-book puppy, with plenty of energy and love to go round, and the best cuddles! They are very playful, but clearly love to snuggle up once they are all worn out!
Shadow will need to stay in care until she is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, but in the meantime call her carer Rod to have a chat and meet lovely Shadow!

Shadow was adopted on 25 May 2020 after 1 month in foster care



Staffy cross - female

Becky is a cheeky and curious puppy. She is always ready to play with her humans and siblings.
Becky is currently living with three dogs and a cat.
She is learning toilet training, crate training and practicing using a collar and lead.
If you think Becky is a perfect match for you please contact me!

Becky was adopted on 24 May 2020 after 3 weeks in foster care



Jack Russell X Pug X Maltese X - female

Milk was surrendered into DCH care to find her a new forever home.
Milk is a lovely little dog with lots and lots of energy to burn. She has a very high energy level and gets very excited very quickly.

She is looking to be an indoors dog who has access to an outside secure yard to be able to run around in. She needs a home where someone is home during the day and around her more often than not.

She is a small dog currently but will grow larger based on her parents size.

She has grown up in foster care with her sister Cadbury who has been rehomed. Milk managed to get her eye injured while playing with Cadbury and has needed a little time to heal and recover. She is now ready to find her new home as she has been missing her sister and needs a home where she will get lots of love and attention and play.

Milk loves any attention and has a strong loud bark and currently still barks for attention when she is bored or lonely.

She has not had as much dog socialisation as we normally would have due to Covid-19 and will need to be enrolled in a puppy school once they open back up.

She walks on a lead but does tend to want to run ahead and can get easily spooked by strange noises.

She had learnt to sit for treats and still tends to jump up and grab them from you as she is not very patient.

She can be a little bitey around the ankles and toes when excited so we suggest she is rehomed to a home without kids under the age of 8.

She enjoys a good tug of war with a little teddy bear or squeaky toy and she loves her treats.

She is used to toileting on a training grass mat when inside but will need further work once in her new home to adjust to her new surrounds.

She has received all 3 vaccinations, is desexed, microchipped, and flea treated.

Her Mumma is a Maltese X Jack Russell Terrier
Her Dad is a Maltese X Shih Tzu X Pug X Jack Russell

Her Sister's photo is included in the profile and Milk is very different from the other puppies from the litter and has less Maltese and Shih Tzu in her.

9/5/2020 - This listing has been enabled today. We are expecting quite a bit of interest so please include as much information about yourself, your family, your home environment and anything else you think we need to know in your response to help us find the perfect home.

10/5/2020 - Milk has received 65+ enquiries about adoption in 24 hours. Placing on hold to allow us to review all 65 + enquiries.

Milk was adopted on 14 May 2020 after 3 months in foster care



Great Dane X - female

Hiya, I'm Mia, a gorgeous 3yo Great Dane cross.
I am a 50kg and 86cm tall bundle of love and joy. I adore people and live for my daily playtime (tug of war, garden chase, hidden treats). Although I'm a big girl, I am gentle and well mannered. My excitement does get the best of me sometimes and I can be a bit loud but I am obedient. I haven't been socialised much with others dogs so we are working on that. I did amazingly well at my first dog park party!
I tend to be a bit of a scaredy cat but I learn fast and thrive when given support and encouragement to gain confidence. Talking about cats, I'm living with 2 of them and not bothering them. I have quite some energy for a Dane, not really the couch potato type. I would need a medium to large garden (10m×10m minimum), daily walks with confident owners who can hold me back if I pull (I'm used to wearing a halter to help), playtime time with toys and other dogs and belly ruuubs!
I am trained to sit, stop, give paw, lie down and come back when called. I sleep indoors (house trained) and am definitely not the destructive type: zero items lost to compulsive chewing to report to date - I am so good!
I'm located in Epping with my foster carer Jo, so please call her on ‭0401 900 696‬ to organise to meet me!

Mia was adopted on 11 May 2020 after 1 month in foster care



Staffy cross - male

06/05- ON HOLD

Arlo is a sweet natured puppy. He is always happy to cuddle and follow you around the house.
Arlo is currently living with three dogs and a cat.
He is learning toilet training, crate training and practicing using a collar and lead.
If you think Arlo is a perfect match for you please contact me!

Arlo was adopted on 06 May 2020 after 3 days in foster care



staffie cross - male

Tiger is the largest boy from a litter of 9 pups. Confident, playful little pup. Lives with his sister Skye. He's learning to wear a harness, walk on a lead, be house trained, learn his manners with his sister and a resident adult cat.

He will be ready to be rehomed around mid June once he's desexed.

tiger was adopted on 05 May 2020 after 3 days in foster care



staffie cross - female

Skye is a lovely brindle female staffie cross pup. She's learning to walk on a lead, wear a harness, live with a cat, is indoor when I'm home. Smart little girl.

She will be ready to be rehomed around mid june

Sky was adopted on 05 May 2020 after 3 days in foster care



Mini Fox Terrier - male

Blackie (4.9kgs) was recently rescued with his foster-sibling Snowy from a home environment that was no longer any good for them. He is currently living at Cronulla with his foster dad. Blackie appears to be content knowing someone is home, but not in sight. Recently his foster dad tested him out by going on a few shopping trips to find Blackie just relaxing on his bed and wagging his tail to greet his foster dad.

It is understood that Blackie never owned a collar therefore, never walked. His foster dad has put him into training, now he happily walks twice a day and outpaces his foster dad. He is friendly toward other dogs and cats.

Blackie's previous foster household had numerous dogs. Blackie tends to sniff and follow the other dogs around, but it is hoped this behaviour will stop once he is desexed.

Blackie was vaccinated on 7th April, and will be desexed on 21st April, 2020 After which he will be ready for adoption.

Blackie was adopted on 04 May 2020 after 1 month in foster care