Rehomed Cats

The cats listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Dsh - male

Sammy was surrendered to DCH at the age of 4 just before Christmas last year. He is a very friendly and smoochy cat with his humans, but also loves dogs and is brilliant with his permanent and foster feline friends, too.

He has proven to be a very adaptable cat, and would no doubt love to find a family with other kitties or cat-friendly dogs to play with if possible. Sammy is also used to being an indoor/outdoor cat to date.

Sammy particularly loves to rub up against members of his foster carer family, but generally prefers to sit beside them rather than on them, which is a bonus in summer time! Like many cats, he’s not that keen on being picked up. But he hasn’t a mean bone in his body, so will always point that out very politely.

If you have room in your heart and home for Sammy, he would love to meet you at his Glenhaven foster home.

Sammy is already de-sexed and microchipped, and is up to date on all his vet requirements. His adoption fee is $125.

He looks forward to meeting you soon at his Glenhaven foster home.

Sammy was adopted on 11 November 2019 after 1.9 years in foster care

Audrey and Avery

Audrey and Avery

Domestic Short Hair - female

Audrey and Avery have been hand raised since 1.5 weeks old after being found in a horse stable by a lovely member of the public before giving them over to DCH to care for.

They have had lots of handling and human interaction.
They have both grown to be lovely kittens.

They love to play and explore and constantly play together. They love to explore and chase each other around. They enjoy a cuddle and will sit on your lap and sleep next to you. They are very quick to purr and love lots of pats and attention. They are ok with kids but might be a little rough for younger kids. They have lots of energy and will climb in and out of cupboards and benefit from having a tall cat tree to climb. They love playing with pipe cleaners on the floor.

We are looking for a very special home for the "AA" sisters where they can live with their new family as indoors only cats. They would love a family who can play and interact with them and give them lots of attention.
We are looking for an indoor home for these kittens.

Located at PETstock Macquarie Park Adoption Enclosure

Audrey and Avery was adopted on 23 July 2019 after 3 months in foster care



DSH - female


Holly has 3 x sisters and a brother, and she is the tiniest of the five siblings but she had a big personality! This little girl is a calico stunner with black markings and a stumpy tail that wiggles when she is excited! The tail is naturally stumpy and would be from a Manx or similar breed in her parentage.

Holly is very affectionate, and loves getting cuddles and head rubs. She has no hesitation demanding your attention, running next to you as you walk, like a tiny puppy! Although small, she is always in the middle of the action and she makes a funny little trill sound when she is excited or happy.

Holly and her siblings are very playful but they all have a very gentle nature and none of them bite or scratch, unless by accident. All five of these kittens, are friendly with other foster kittens and cats, and are making friends with the resident dogs as well!

Holly is microchipped, wormed vaccinated and desexed. She is also litter trained. Holly should be an Inside Only cat as she has no outdoor experience or survival skills.

If you would like to meet Holly or her siblings, Hendrix, Harriet, Hilary and Hailey, you are most welcome to contact me and arrange a visit!

Holly was adopted on 20 July 2019 after 1 month in foster care



DSH - female


Hailey has 3 sisters and a brother and she gets on well with the resident cats and is very affectionate with our dogs, also. Hailey is a cuddly girl that loves a head massage, and she will fall asleep in your arms.

Hailey and her siblings are very playful but they all have a very gentle nature and none of them bite or scratch, unless by accident. They are also all perfectly litter trained.

Hailey has beautiful big eyes and a cute little stumpy tail (like a Manx cat), and is very pretty, with a light orange colouring through her coat. Her tiny tail swishes around, just like the other kittens, when she is excited or about to pounce on a toy mouse.

Hailey is microchipped, wormed, vaccinated and desexed. Hailey should be an Inside Only cat as she has no outdoor experience or survival skills.

If you would like to meet Hailey, she is at Petstock Marsden Park as of 7th July, so stop by to see her and leave an expression of interest if you would like to adopt this gorgeous kitten.

Hailey was adopted on 19 July 2019 after 1 month in foster care

Abby (Einstein)

Abby (Einstein)

DSH - female

Abby was found as a little kitten behind a warehouse together with 3 siblings, but no mother. She has proved to be a very smart, outgoing little girl ever since she came into care, so we just had to nickname her Einstein.

Abby is certainly the most adventurous of the 4 siblings, caring for and leading her little brothers around. She lives very harmoniously with a further half dozen kittens care, and has also had exposure to a Kelpie dog - under supervision.

Quiet and uncomplaining, Abby can be a little shy at the start, but becomes ultra smoochie once she has time to know people. She has a very sweet nature and loves to sleep on her carer’s bed at night.

An indoor-only kitty, Abby is very happy with her humans and her furry friends. She will be a delightful addition to her new furever family.

Abby is microchipped, vaccinated and de-sexed.

Please text or call her carer, Karen to arrange to visit Abby at her foster home in Hoxton Park.

We are also looking for sponsorship for Abby because her treatment for an infected cyst resulted in vet costs of $350. Abby has recovered fully and swiftly, with no ongoing issues.

Abby (Einstein) was adopted on 14 July 2019 after 8 months in foster care



shd - female

Some kittens get overlooked through no fault of their own - just so many kitty-cats available. Then, as they mature, there are fewer enquiries as many potential adopters focus on the tiny kittens.
We are profiling some of our beautiful cat/kittens over the next few weeks. A slightly older kitten can still be playful, but more tolerant of absences and well socialised.

This is Cookie. a snow white female kitty who came into care from the pound with another 8 kittens. She was raised with 4 mixed litters – at one stage a total of 13 kittens! - so she clearly would suit a home with other felines.

Cookie is a small boned cute little girl, but this doesn’t stop her playing with her boisterous feline family. She also loves to snuggle up and sleep with the others, and, when they let her, enjoys grooming them too.

Cookie loves her humans just as much; she can be a little shy with strangers to begin with, but ultra smoochie once she gets to know and trust you. Of course, she’s a smart Cookie, too. Even 100% litter trained right from the start.

Cookie is an indoor-only cat, which is particularly important for such a pure white kitty. Not fussy with her food and very quiet: all in all a perfect addition to a family – or anyone, really, provided she is loved and cuddled. Given her busy foster environment, though, she probably would be lonely if left alone for long periods. Of course, Cookie would make a great companion for other cats.

Cookie is microchipped, vaccinated and de-sexed.

If you’d like to arrange to meet this pretty girl at her Hoxton Park foster home, please contact her carer, Karen, on 0416 094 697.

Cookie was adopted on 14 July 2019 after 6 months in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Mittens is a very lucky girl as she was found wandering around on the road at only a mere 5 weeks old by a concerned motorist. She is super friendly and affectionate and is so full of energy.

Mittens has a quirky personality, she is an absolute joy to have in foster care. She is very confident and gets along well with everyone, humans and animals alike.

She is to be rehomed to an indoor only home which is able to give her the love and attention she deserves. Mittens would not suit a home where she will be on her own most of the week, unless there is another friendly feline to keep her company.

Mittens is in foster care 5 mins from Penrith, NSW. Her adoption fee includes her desexing, microchipping and vaccination. Mittens is litter trained and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

Please only text or call her foster mum, Karen, if you would like to meet Mittens

Mittens was adopted on 12 July 2019 after 1 month in foster care

Dora and Chucky

Dora and Chucky

Domestic - mixed

Chucky and Dora were adopted out as kittens in 2017 however have been surrendered back into foster care due to no fault of their own.

These 2 cats are beautiful in nature and have been raised in an indoors only home. They are to be adopted together as a pair as they are good company for each other.

Both the cats get on fine with dogs. The dogs they are used to are a Maltese cross and a chihuahua. There has been no aggression between the cats and the dogs even around food bowls so they are dog friendly cats.

The cats are totally indoor and have never been outside. Both are very placid and spend most of the day either lying on our bed or looking out through a window.

Dora and Chucky was adopted on 12 July 2019 after 5 days in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - male

Socksie arrived into foster care after finding himself handed into the pound as a stray. He's very friendly, affectionate and settling in well with his foster friend, Mittens. Socksie is a real cuddle-bug once he gets to know you. He loves giving people nose kisses and makes the cutest little trills and chirps. He is very deserving of a loving, indoor-only home with responsible pet owners.

Socksie is already desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, litter-trained and up to date with flea and worm treatments. Please call or text his foster mum if you'd like to meet Socksie. He is in foster care 5 mins from Penrith, NSW, and is ready to go to his new home now.

Socksie was adopted on 12 July 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Domestic Medium Hair - female

Amelia is a beautiful girl with a lovely possum type fluffy tail. She came to us last year from a Sydney pound shortly after having kittens, but, sadly, her kittens were not brought in with her.

Amelia was a scared little girl when she arrived, but has always purred well, and loves pats – she just tells you when she’s had enough! She does currently prefer being with the other cats she’s in care with, so her new owners may need to be patient as she settles back in to the life she deserves.

An indoor-only cat, Amelia would suit a single or couple, or a family with older children. As a young adult, she is beyond kitten stage so is quite independent and needs less playtime than a young kitty. We have noticed she didn’t take to the carer’s dog.

Amelia arrived with cat flu which has been treated with medication; she has now received two F3 vaccinations. She is also microchipped, wormed and de-sexed.

If you would like to meet Amelia, at her Quakers Hill foster home, Please contact her carer, Ben. You will be able to get to know and play with Amelia. There a variety of other felines you can visit there too!

Amelia was adopted on 12 July 2019 after 10 months in foster care