Rehomed Horses

The horses listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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thoroughbred - gelding

Louie is a thoroughbred gelding who was born in 2002. He is a friendly and good natured horse, easy to catch and move around. He is good with other horses and copes well with the farrier which he sees every 6 weeks. He also likes being groomed and rugged.

He has had a dental check a few months ago and the few minor problems he had have now been fixed.

He has been wormed – usually the paste is put in a bran mash and he scoffs the lot. He loves his food so if you give him food, he will be your friend forever.

He appears to float calmly and had a long trip home (about an hour and a half). He floated well and came off calmly and easily.

Louie is very smart and easy to work with on the ground. He has lovely paces as he hoons around the paddock with the other horse. He can certainly jump! He likes to be lead pony so would need an experienced home.

Louie is looking for a new permanent home ideally but he is also in need of a new foster home now as his current carers can no longer foster care. If you think you might be interested in fostering him then please also get in contact with us, we'd love to hear from you

Louie was adopted on 01 March 2024 after 1 month in foster care



Stockhorse X - gelding

Buck is a Stockhorse X, gelding who is approximately 25 years of age. He is a lovely buckskin colouring, which has a dappled pattern when his summer coat comes through. Buck was surrendered to DCH after his owner no longer had time to keep up his work and care. Before coming into care, Buck hadn't been ridden or worked for a number of years, however when he was in work, he was competing at a high level in showjumping, and had been used as a pony club horse for an experienced rider.
Since coming into care, Buck has been back in light work and has been saddled and ridden without fault. Buck would suit an intermediate-advanced rider, someone who is experienced in bringing horses back into work safely. Under saddle Buck has been very quiet and well-behaved, however there hasn't been much opportunity to explore this further. Buck is walked out and lunged almost daily. Whilst mostly well-behaved on the lunge, he has a tendency to get bored and can pigroot quite impressively. However, none of this behaviour has been shown under saddle.
Buck has good ground manners, he is not a flighty horse. He has had experience with children around him and is very gentle and aware of them. Buck had a large mouth ulcer due to being overdue for the dentist. This has resulted in Buck being mouth shy, so worming is difficult and it is likely he will continue to require sedation for the dentist. Despite this, Buck is perfect to place a bridle on and gladly opens his mouth.
Buck has a goitre just behind his jaw bone, this has been confirmed by a vet that it is non-functional and does not need to be treated/removed. He has soft feet, so would need somewhere where he can get out of the rain and wet ground.
Buck would be suited to an experienced home. Whilst he is older, he is still an incredible horse. Only serious enquiries will be taken forward.

Buck was adopted on 04 February 2021 after 9 months in foster care



Quarter Horse Mare - female

Josie is a lovely young mare, with a quiet nature and an extreme love of food – she needs an experienced owner to keep her roaring appetite in check as she is a very, very good doer!

She has only recently begun her riding career so will need someone to take her further. She has the making of a great all-rounder with the build to make someone a really athletic mount after some further training.

Josie is great to catch, rug, worm, shoe, trim and get her teeth done. She does need some further reassurance that the horse float is not a scary monster that will eat her.

Her current foster parent has only had her for a few weeks but she has shown herself to be a good, solid girl with the potential to be a great riding partner to someone with the experience to further her lessons.

Josie was adopted on 01 September 2020 after 2.6 years in foster care



Arab x - gelding

Apollo is a sweet boy with trust issues after having been neglected and abused. He has not been broken to saddle. His carer has been working to regain his trust and he is making good progress. Apollo has been in care since January 2018.

Apollo was adopted on 07 October 2018 after 1 month in foster care



Australian Riding Pony - gelding

Beau is a spritely pony, with a happy, mischievous outlook on life.
He is lovely to ride, very athletic and quick on his feet.
Would be a lovely second or third older child’s pony – requires an experienced rider and firm handling as can be a bit naughty on the ground.
Good to saddle, trim, rug, groom but can be a bit naughty when paste worming and with dentistry.
Has been ridden by small adults in the past with no issues but is now going to waste in the paddock.
He is a gorgeous, cheeky little pony, that needs a patient, experienced owner to remind him that he has to behave appropriately even when he doesn’t want to!

Beau was adopted on 05 May 2018 after 3 months in foster care



Thoroughbred - female

Mia has a lovely temperament and is very friendly. Mia loves being with people and will follow you around the paddock.

Mia's studbook entry indicates that she was never raced. She was started under saddle but there has been no follow-up with this. She can be saddled and bridled but will need to be re-started in her new home. Mia is good to worm, trim and lead. She has recently had her teeth done

Mia will make a lovely ridden horse in an experienced home where she will be educated or sent to the trainers. Alternatively she would be a great companion horse, Mia is not dominant in a paddock or with other horses.

Poor Mia was neglected by her previous owners. She was extremely skinny and had a large flesh wound on a hind leg from going through a fence. The injury has healed completely but has left some surface scarring. According to the vet it will not cause soundness issues.

Mia is located in the Goulburn area.

If you're interested in giving Mia a good home where she can be assured of a secure & happy future, please email Kristy for more information.



Welsh Pony X - gelding

Welsh Pony X Gelding 12.3hh, 23yrs

Kirby is a predictable and even tempered, well mannered pony. He's good to groom, trim, lead & handle.

Kirby's background is largely unknown, however he's been a riding pony in the past and has had a basic to intermediate level of education. He lunges fine, he's a bit unsure but not silly in any way.

We have test ridden him several times and he is easy to saddle up, obedient at a walk and trot and good in new surroundings, however he's not being ridden regularly.
Under experienced supervision Kirby would suit being a lead rein pony for a young child, or an independent pleasure riding pony for an older child.

Kirby has been neglected before coming to us and has some white hair along his back that may be due to untreated rain scald, however he is also a Roan Bay, so this may have always been part of his colouring.

If you can give Kirby the great forever home that he deserves, please contact us for more information about him.

* First two photos taken in mid January 2016;
* Last photo taken in early April 2015.

Kirby was adopted on 12 August 2017 after 1.1 years in foster care



Thoroughbred mare - female

Tilda is a very sweet old girl and loves attention. Without fail she is always the first to the gate when you arrive for feed time, and loves nothing more than some carrots and a good neck scratch. She is good to handle, easy to catch and trim and travels well. She gets on well with other horses in a paddock situation.

Very little is known about her background. Tilda (Gain Time) was retired from racing in 2002. When the current owner acquired her she was suffering from serious neglect and possible abuse. She had to be brought back to health before any riding was considered. Since then Tilda has been saddled and lunged but not ridden. She is being sold as a companion horse at this stage, but in a knowledgeable home may be rideable with training.

Tilda is regularly wormed and trimmed. She is up to date with her vaccinations.

Colour: Chestnut
Size: 15.2hh

Located in the Hills District.

Tilda was adopted on 01 May 2017 after 6 months in foster care



stock horse - mare

Stock Horse Mare 15hh, 25yrs

Foster carer or permanent home needed:

Katy is very kind natured, gentle and friendly. She's easy to handle and good to float and rug. Katy is still very lively and canters up for her dinner, she's a pleasure to handle and patient with children. Katy needs hard feeding once or twice daily depending on the season, and a farrier trim every 6 weeks.

She is suited to a knowledgeable home as a companion horse, or could possibly give lead rides to children.

If you could give this lovely old girl a nice retirement, or a foster home until a permanent home is found, please contact us.

She is currently located in the Port Macquarie area.

Katy was adopted on 05 June 2016 after 4.5 years in foster care



Stock Horse - gelding

Stock Horse Gelding 14.2hh, 34yrs

Topaz is a sweet old boy in need of a retirement home.

His owner is very upset at having to part with him, but it's become necessary due to a change in circumstances beyond her control. He was a dressage horse is his younger days, and has had the best of care throughout his life.

He needs to be hard fed twice a day, rugged on cold, windy days (he comes with his rugs), and have access to a shelter or stable. Being kept at home is ideal.

His vision is blurry due to cataracts and he has arthritis in his back legs, so he needs a paddock with safe, visible fencing and another calm horse for companionship.

If you can provide a permanent home for Topaz where he can live out the rest of his days in safety and comfort, please contact us.

Topaz was adopted on 01 April 2016 after 10 months in foster care