Rehomed Other Pets

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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short hair crested - male

Winnie is super cute little piggy who is looking for a home with another piggy friend. He can be handled but is very nervous about the whole process so prefers the company of his own kind at this stage.

Winnie has been desexed and is ready for his forever home now.

Winnie was adopted on 11 March 2023 after 7 months in foster care



Netherland Dwarf Rabbit - male

Oki is an energetic and adventurous young boy who enjoys exploring his environment, playing cat and mouse when he discovers new escape routes, eating and being petted.

Oki can respond to his name, if you hold out your hand and call him. He then enjoys a pat. Oki is toilet trained.

Oki has lived with another rabbit previously. However, the other rabbit picked on him.

In his previous home, he was used to being kept in a hutch at night and free roaming the backyard during the day.

Oki was desexed in October,21 and received both vaccinations against the Calicivirus.

Expressions of interest to adopt welcome now.

***Update 12/12/21 Poor Oki has come down with a UTI and we're seeking sponsorship to cover his additional vet costs which have so far come to $450.

Oki was adopted on 22 January 2022 after 3 months in foster care



mini-lop - male

This young man is ready and waiting for his new home. He is very friendly and is fine with cuddles. He is used to being around older children who we regularly handle and feed him. He is used to dogs too.

Popsicle is used to living outside mostly, although is enjoying inside time with his foster family more and more. He has lived with another male rabbit before and there were no issues.

He comes desexed and vaccinated.

Popsicle was adopted on 08 July 2021 after 3 months in foster care



Flemish Giant - female

Luna is a lovely giant breed bunny who is used to living indoors and is litter trained. She is easy to handle and very cuddly.

She is used to being an only bunny but should get along with another large breed if given time to settle with them. She would be fine as an only bunny if she has lots of human interaction.

Luna comes vaccinated and desexed.

Luna was adopted on 22 January 2021 after 1 month in foster care



Rabbit - male

I am looking to find my bun - Henry a new loving home.

As much as it pains me to let him go, I want him to have a better life. One where he has more time outside his cage (currently 2-4 hours a day), one with more grass or even friends! He is a delightful and affectionate bun - he loves his cuddles especially during winter! Hoping to rehome Henry to a lovely and welcoming home with grass and possibly another bunny friend.

I have all of his original paperwork and have been keeping up with his vaccinations every 6 months. He was born in January 2018 and I originally adopted him in July 2018 when he was 6 months old.

I'm based in Sydenham, NSW. The ultimate solution would be an open adoption as I'd love to receive updates and pictures every now and again if that was possible.



Boer Goat - male

2-3 years

Nomad has been surrendered through to DCH when his owner moved properties and could no longer keep him. He seems to be a shy goat, but actually loves company, especially ponies. He does jump up on his hind legs from time to time but he's never been known to do this to people or kids and he has been know to have a play with the resident dog.

Nomad was adopted on 05 June 2012 after 9 months in foster care



Guinea Pig - male

Bertie is a sweet but shy guinea pig who is looking for a forever home to give him a second chance.He has been rescued by Struggletown Vets after being neglected and abandoned in a box.Please call us if you think you can help.



Angora Lops x Red Eyed White R - male

7 weeks

These baby bunnies are looking for new homes. They are all handled regularly, and are friendly little rabbit, who love their cuddles and are great with kids.

Trouble was adopted on 04 March 2007 after 2 months in foster care



Emily bunny (whose sex is unknown at this point) was impounded and her time ran out. She is now in foster care awaiting a permanent home. Emily bunny will come desexed and vaccinated for a small donation towards her vet costs of $25.

Emily was adopted on 02 October 2006 after 3 days in foster care