Cats in our Care

These cats and kittens have been rescued from various pounds and shelters by volunteer foster carers who provide the cat with a safe haven until they can be permanently rehomed. Cats are located throughout Sydney, Australia.

Please note that descriptions of breed, age and size are given in good faith and are based on assessment of the cat's features, together with veterinary opinion. We cannot guarantee the age and breed of any cats listed.

All cats listed come desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.

Kittens will only be rehomed when over 8 weeks of age and over 1kg in weight.

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Mr Leo

Mr Leo

DSH - male - 1 year and 6 months

Mr Leo, who seems to think he is the centre of attention for his human’s world, is as soft as a brush both inside and out!

This tabby boy has a beautiful nature and clearly needs lots of love, accompanied by as many belly rubs as you can manage.

Since Mr Leo likes to have your full attention so he can shower you with affection, he would be ideally suited to a family with plenty of time and love to spare. Fortunately, he prefers to be an indoor/outdoor cat, so he can entertain himself in need.

Now age 15 months, I hoped he would have been snapped up a long time ago. I feel it is important for him to find a family who will nurture him for the rest of his life, as - of course - he deserves.

Please contact me if you would like more information or to visit Mr Leo at his Hornsby home.

Mr Leo is microchipped, vaccinated and desexed. I am asking only for a donation to the cost of his desexing operation as an adoption fee.



Domestic Short Hair - female - 2 years and 3 months

Morgan came into DCH care from an Animal Hospital, where she had been treated for a very badly injured leg perhaps due to being run over. To save her life, the vets amputated one of her legs and she also lost a toe on another foot.

The Hospital cared for her wonderfully during her 2 month recovery and also looked for her owner. But, with no microchip and no one coming forward to claim her, she is now looking for a loving furever home.

Morgan is around 2 year's old now, and a beautiful black and white girl. During her time with us, Morgan has proved to be inquisitive, very friendly and she loves attention. She will be a wonderful and affectionate companion.

Morgan seems not to notice anything different now she has recovered, and gets around with no trouble. With a back leg missing, she will however really appreciate lots of ear and neck scratches now she can’t reach; of course, she must be an indoor pussy cat.

Morgan’s injury requires no on-going care at all – she just wants a home with her own human(s) to shower her with plenty of love and cuddles in return for her own.

Morgan is microchipped, vaccinated an de-sexed.
If you wish to offer Morgan a loving home, please email her carer to arrange to meet her in her Homebush foster home.

Morgan has been in foster care since 22 September 2019, for 6 months



DMH - female - 3 years and 1 month

"O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" what Juliet is thinking as she wistfully gazes out the window of her foster carer's home.

Born on Valentine's Day, Juliet is a charming young lady, who is soon coming up to her 3rd birthday.

She is a super fluffy lady who adores attention from adults, regularly being brushed and regular neck scratches and pats.
While she has been in foster carer with several other cats and kittens, she periodically bats away any kitten who tries to entice her to play. She's a regal lady, this Juliet! For this reason, she would suit being the only cat in her new home, or sharing with an older cat who isn't interested in playing together.

She is confident, and knows what she wants... And that's regular love and affection from her humans, on her terms. She often flops down near you and rolls around exposing her fluffy tummy. She also loves sitting by (or on!) your feet, and would love to have the option of sleeping on your bed at night.

She isn't a fan of being picked up, or having her nails trimmed, but absolutely LOVES neck scratches and will regularly come up to you with a head butt.

Juliet has proven herself to be safe with dogs, as she confidently lies near them. Its almost as if she views canines as her royal subjects, and watches them to observe them.

While Juliet adored the children at her previous home before being surrended to DCH, we recommend no children under 5yrs old. She did use to follow the children around at her previous home, sleeping on their beds at night and sitting by them as they had their baths, but otherwise Juliet appreciates her space, and prefers to spend her days being adored and loved by adults.

Juliet doesn’t demand a lot of attention, and is used to keeping herself company throughout the day, so will suit full time workers who enjoy being around cats, without them being ‘in your face’.

If you would like to meet this pretty girl at her foster home in Lithgow, please contact her carer via email.

Juliet is microchipped, desexed and fully up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worming treatments. She is also lifetime registered with council (saving her new owners $53!).

Juliet has been in foster care since 10 October 2019, for 5 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 5 months and 2 weeks


Polly is a beautiful character who has now learned to express affection in a more acceptable way. Polly is full of energy and curiousity around people, other cats and even big dogs! This pretty little girl wants affection and has now, all but stopped flinching away from pats and rarely “play” bites anymore.

After weeks of patiently patting her when calm and ignoring her when she bites, plus the use of a “Thundershirt” when she seemed hyperactive or jumpy, Polly is now calmer and is allowing pats and cuddles. There is more progress she can make, and with the patience and love of a Forever Family, Polly will respond very well.

Polly would also be a wonderful companion for a cat-friendly dog, as she has shown with our Golden Retrievers. She doesn't mind cuddling up with the other kittens now for a snuggle, although it takes her a few grumpy days to adjust to new foster kittens. Because of her energy level, she would best suit a home without small children.

I think Polly might be best as an "Only Cat" as she is very full-on and may intimidate some cats.

If you are the special person who would be willing to show the patience and give the time to spend with Polly so that she continues to improve, please contact me to arrange a visit. You and your family are most welcome to come and meet Polly.

UPDATE 28/03/20
Miss Polly has now become the front door “greeter” to family, friends and potential adopters! She has such confidence with people now and is curiously checking every new visitor out! She might not be a lap-cat but she makes up for that with her outgoing personality and antics. Polly was called “Cat-Dog” today as she proudly carried a (clean) plastic straw into the room, showing off in front of adopters for another kitten!

Polly is a work-in-progress but she is very much worth the effort! I am currently using a "Thundershirt" on Polly when she seems anxious or hyperactive which seems to be working well, and I anticipate giving this to her adopter.

PLEASE NOTE: Social distancing protocols are currently in place and visits are restricted to only one person via appointment.

You must be over 18yrs old and an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident to adopt from DCH

Polly has been in foster care since 14 November 2019, for 4 months



DSH - male - 8 years and 5 months

Introducing the gorgeous and handsome Frankie..... an indoor lap cat that just sucks up the cuddles.

Frankie is a quiet boy at the start, preferring to suss out his situation, but then as soon as he gathers himself he is super social, affectionate and really relaxed. In the past, he had experience of living with a dog, and he just chills out when left alone, so we believe he would truly fit right into any home.

Since coming into care Frankie has really come out of his shell, and very quickly. It took about two days of persuasion for him to realise we were great, and now he can't get enough snuggles. He falls asleep on your chest just before bed in response to some nose rubs!!! But, he also loves to play as though he were still a little kitten. Anything string-like and Frankie is there – jumping up at it and just chasing it around the house! He really is the best of both worlds.

Frankie is desexed and totally healthy, and up to date on his treatments and vaccinations.

If you think you’d like to share your life with this bundle of love, you are welcome to visit him at his foster home in Camden.

Frankie has been in foster care since 21 November 2019, for 4 months



DSH - male - 6 months

Introducing Zircon, the only boy from a litter of 6 kittens. When he came into care he weighed less than 200grams, and his carer feared that he may not make it through the first few days. Now he is a strong, playful and friendly kitten, who loves exploring and spending his days playing, cuddling and napping.

Zircon is being fostered in Lithgow, just past the Blue Mountains, and is waiting to meet you!

The 'Precious Gemstones' litter was born to a feral mum cat at a Warehouse in Western Sydney. They came into care terribly undersized, covered in fleas and very hungry. Now after several weeks in care getting wormed, de-flead, vaccinated, microchipped, and given endless amounts of love and affection, they are ready to go to their new home now

Zircon is microchipped, vaccinated and desexed.

All kittens have been well socialised with other cats and have been introduced to dogs, and will adapt well to any home. They all use their litter tray and scratching post, and enjoy a varied diet of kitten kibble, canned kitten food, chicken wings, chicken livers, chicken hearts and fresh meat.

Professional photos by

Zircon has been in foster care since 07 December 2019, for 3 months



DSH - female - 6 months

Netflix is a fantastic isolation buddy! She loves climbing onto your lap for a snooze, and otherwise loves playing with other kitties and cheekily runs right infront of your face when you're reading or using your phone.
Nicknamed 'Adventure Cat' she loves climbing on everything and exploring her home. She has lots of energy to play with her litter mates and loves running around her foster carer's home.

Netflix lives with two other foster kitties (Disney and Stan) and is located in Lithgow, NSW.

Her adoption fee includes her desexing, vaccination and microchipping, as well as her being current with flea and deworming schedules.

All kittens have been well socialised with other cats and have been introduced to dogs, and will adapt well to any home. They all use their litter tray and scratching post, and enjoy a varied diet of kitten kibble, canned kitten food, chicken wings, chicken livers, chicken hearts and fresh meat. It is preferred that they go to indoor only homes (or those with enclosed outdoor runs).

Netflix has been in foster care since 13 December 2019, for 3 months



DSH - female - 5 months and 2 weeks

Disney is a sleek, young female kitty who came into foster care from the pound scared and frightened. Having spent the last 3 months in foster care, she has learnt that evenings are best spent snuggled on her foster humans lap, days are spent playing and snoozing with her foster kitty brother and sister, and every morning when the bedroom door opens, is an opportunity to come up to her foster human for morning neck scratches and cuddles.

While she is a skittish sort of kitty that silently moves around the house, and is easily spooked by fast movements and loud noises, she is loving and affectionate, and will regularly come to you for cuddles and pats when you're sitting quietly on the couch, or in bed. She would make a wonderful sleeping companion if you wanted a kitty to sleep on your bed, and would make friends with your existing cat/s.

Disney is looking for an indoor-only home with a caring, patient owner that is willing to give her the time she needs to settle into her new home.

Her adoption fee includes her desexing, 1st vaccination and microchipping, as well as her being current with flea and deworming schedules.

Disney lives with two other foster kitties (Netflix and Stan) and is located in Lithgow, NSW.

Disney has been in foster care since 13 December 2019, for 3 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 4 months and 4 weeks

Pixie is a sassy, confident little sweetheart. You will have hours of entertainment by watching her zoom around the house making her excited little ‘bbbbrrrrpp’ noises. She will explore anything and nothing ever seems to be too scary for her.

Her new home must be an indoor home that understand she is a kitten that loves to run and jump around for hours. It is preferred that she goes to a home where her humans are home the majority of the time or another cat or dog at home to keep her company
She is fed Royal canin kitten biscuits and enjoys any wet food that is fish based morning and night.

She is fully litter trained.
She is microchipped and desexed, and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

Pixie has been in foster care since 23 December 2019, for 3 months



short hair domestic - male - 7 years and 3 months

Meet Phoenix

Such a beautifully natured slim brown/grey tabby male with lovely green eyes.

Phoenix was on the streets when he came into our care. While he was then almost skeletal and rather poorly, he has nonetheless proved extremely affectionate and behaves more like a dog than a cat as he follows his humans … to the extent you have to watch out for him getting under your feet!

He has been around a small terrier type dog and is very laid back and tolerant with him. He seems to have no fear of him, even sharing his food bowl. Phoenix happily lives alongside his multiple feline foster friends, too.

In fact, Phoenix is an unusually laid back and affectionate gentleman. He loves to head butt, chirp and talk to you while you are wandering around, then to keep you company when you sit. Best of all he loves bedtime with his humans.

Now just over 7 years’ old, Phoenix has happily adapted to being an indoor only cat and his new home should be indoor too in order to keep him safe. He would make a wonderful loving addition to almost any type of family as long as you are up for lots of attention, chats and cuddles.

He has had quite a few vet visits during his stay with us in his bid to become well, but has now muscled up beautifully, and passed his health checks with flying colours! So, Phoenix is actively seeking his safe, furever home.

Phoenix is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, and is up to date with flea and worm treatments.

If you'd like to visit Phoenix at his foster home in Hoxton Park, please phone his carer, Karen

Poor little Phoenix came into our care with a sinus infection, followed by dental treatment. He's all better now, and is able find his new home - with many thanks to his sponsorship from Jo Newell.

Many animals which come into our care require significant medical care to ensure their wellbeing and ability to be successfully rehomed. Contributions are gratefully received.

Phoenix has been in foster care since 27 December 2019, for 3 months