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shd - male - 4 months and 2 weeks

Diesel is an attractive, shiny black haired boy who is red haired when you see him in the sunlight. He is ultra affectionate and was rescued along with a mixed bag of another 8 kittens. He lives in a foster home with another 10 kittens and gets along well with everyone

Diesel has been in foster care since 29 December 2018, for 2 months

Jack and Jake

Jack and Jake

DSH - male - 2 years and 3 months

Twins Jack and Jake are very easy-going, relaxed cats that would easily fit into most homes.

Both love to play, and they are great with big and small dogs, their cat-mates and the rabbit they currently live with in foster care. In fact they are currently inducting two new foster kittens into the correct way to become cat purrfection. They do enjoy their supervised outdoor time as well as chilling with their humans.

Jack and Jake have been with their foster carer since they were bottle fed after being abandoned around 2 weeks old. As a result, they are very fond of each other, and would definitely prefer a furever home together.

As kittens, both had issues with their eyes, mainly due to ingrowing lashes. They do both need a family who can commit to cleaning their eyes and adding moisturising eyedrops twice a day to keep them comfortable. They are both totally relaxed and used to this routine.

It is still possible that Jack may need further vetinerary treatment, but we are hoping Jake may be fine given the daily attention. Clearly this extra care does require a special and loving person. If you think this may be you, please contact Jake and Jack’s carer, Jasmin - on 0424 738 236 - to arrange a meet and greet at their foster home.

They have already been de-sexed, microchipped, and their vaccinations are up to date. The adoption price for these two lovely boys has been reduced, due to their medical issues, to only $50 for the pair.

***many thanks go to David and Michael who have helped contribute to Jacks additional vet fees, we have still spent an additional $900 on vet fees and sponsorship help would be very appreciated.***

Jack and Jake has been in foster care since 15 January 2017, for 2.2 years



DSH - male - 5 months and 2 weeks

Heeeeey, hello? HELLOOO!

I'm Fergus! I am currently in care, looking for a home that will have me forever! I'm told I am a beautiful black kitty, although if you look closely, you'll see I have rather elegant stripes through my coat;my tail is also very special... I'd also like to point out to us black cats are considered to be very lucky in many cultures.

I live happily with a German Shepherd doggie, other kitties, and a rabbit
.. and our human carers, of course. What more can you want in a multicultural pet!

I'm an inquisitive cat, I love to play and explore. I like dogs especially, I live with a GSD as well as a Frenchie and we sleep, play and snack together. I've learned to love snuggles and now I love being picked up and smooched! I purr pretty loudly for a little guy like me but my foster mum assures me that someone out there will adore it.

My vet work is up to date, I am desexed (WHAT THE HECK?!), I'm microchipped and have had my first vaccinations. They wormed me too and I've been flea treated, so I'm ready to come and live with you now!

Please contact my foster mum, Jasmin, for any questions and to arrange our meet and greet in her home in Ebenezer. Hopefully I'll meet you soon!

Fergus has been in foster care since 12 December 2018, for 3 months



DSH - female - 1 year and 5 months

Pixie was fostered together with her teenage mum and 3 siblings, all of whom have found homes.

Pixie has a unique personality; she enjoys exploring, as well as standing at your feet meowing at you and sitting next to you on the lounge. She’s used to being handled by young children, although she does take a little time to adjust initially.

She can be a little skittish if there is too much loud noise and sudden movement so older/no children would be best.

When happy, Pixie can get ecstatic - not only purring loudly, but sticking her rear in the air, and rolling over to expose her belly to you …. And is known to drool with bliss!

Pixie is already de-sexed and microchipped, and is up to date on all her vet requirements.

She’s currently homed with two other cats.

If you’d like to arrange to meet Pixie at her Campbelltown foster home, please contact her carer, Imaan.

Pixie has been in foster care since 13 November 2017, for 1.3 years



Domestic Short Hair - male - 2 months and 3 weeks

Cricket was found on the street on a hot Sydney day when he was just a teeny little lad. Lost and alone, this little ginger fluff ball meowed his little lungs out until he was found by a member of the public and handed into the local vets.

Taken into foster care, this little baby had to learn how to eat solids all on his own, without his mum and littermates helping him out. After a few weeks in care, Cricket has flourished with lots of love and care under vet supervision.

Cricket is proving to be an affectionate, energetic, and snuggly lad.

He will be available for adoption once he is over 1kg in weight and old enough to leave his foster brothers and sisters, approx early March.
He will be microchipped, and have had his 1st vaccination. His desexing is also covered by her adoption fee.

Currently fostered in Randwick, NSW.

Cricket has been in foster care since 11 February 2019, for 1 month



Domestic Short Hair - female - 3 years and 2 months

Sage (mumma cat)- a beautiful natured cat with the best house manners.

She has been a lovely mum to all her kittens and even adopted Cheeto and Moscato into her 6 week old litter.

Its estimated she is at least 3 years but is very healthy

She does have a lump on her stomach, near the lower nipples. It has been vet assessed and samples taken. However nothing showed up only inflammation cells.

She is very underweight but surprisingly has put on 500g since being in care. It’s a slow process but we are getting there.

Will be Microchipped, vaccianated, wormed and desexed.

Please contact us for any further information or to arrange a meet and greet.

Sage has been in foster care since 12 January 2019, for 2 months



Domestic Short Hair - male - 5 months

Popeye is a little boy rescued from a gutter in Penrith with his brother, Ninja. He has really big lovely eyes, so hence his name!

He is living with both dogs and cats, and gets along with them all, you can see him in the background behind his playmate the wolfhound!

Popeye would love a meeting with his potential new family! Please call Rod, his foster carer, to organise a meeting.

Popeye has been in foster care since 30 November 2018, for 3 months



Mastiff X - female - 3 years and 2 months

Cassi is not only a beautiful looking girl but very well mannered and gentle in nature. She has a loving playful side to her that just makes her adorable to whoever she meets. Very well socialised (in care with two other dog see photo) and loves the company of all, rides well in the car, walks nicely on a lead and is great with children.

Cassi is a medium/large sized dog. Exercising her with walks and leash free runs is part of her weekly routine. She is very obedient for the limited training she has had and will undoubtedly improve with your help and loving care.

Cassi has been sleeping inside at night with no issues (toilet trained) once snuggled up in her spot she doesn't move, that could also be on you if invited .

We are looking for an active, fun filled family or person’s environment for Cassi where she is accepted and loved for sweet personality and loving nature. There is one thing we must tell you about Cassi, she can jump fences with the ease of an Olympian. So your fencing will have to be colour bond at minimum as when you go out she will try to find a way to join you. Best to still have the high fencing. Cassi loves the company of other dogs but doesn't like sharing her food during feeding time, so if you have another dog best to feed them separately.

Cassi was reluctantly returned to DCH due to her new owner needing to move overseas. During the 4 months with her new owner Cassi was put through a vigorous training program helping her to improve in her obedience.

Cassi is vaccinated, de sexed and micro chipped and ready to go to a loving home. Adoption based on special conditions.

Cassi has been in foster care since 09 September 2017, for 1.5 years



shd - male - 4 months and 2 weeks

Nachos is a friendly, playful, smart, marmalade coloured short haired boy who came into care along with another 8 kittens who were on death row due to lack of space at the holding facility.
His rehoming cost includes:
desexing, microchipping, first vaccinations, vet check, worming, de-fleaing....

nachos has been in foster care since 29 December 2018, for 2 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 1 year and 2 months

Meet the beautiful Amber. Amber's markings make her one of a kind, she is just so pretty. She celebrated her 1st birthday on New Year's day, having come into our care in December

Amber took a little while to get used to her new surroundings amongst the hustle and bustle of the festive season, but happily settled to her current foster home - and is s now very lovey towards her carer!

Amber will suit a home where her new owners are patient and allow her to come out of her shell over time. From there, all she will give is love! Amber has been around other cats and dogs in the foster care, and is happy with all of them.

Please contact Rod for further information, and to meet the lovely Amber at her foster home in Revesby.

Amber is microchipped and vaccinated, and her adoption fee includes de-sexing.

Amber has been in foster care since 11 December 2018, for 3 months