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Audrey and Avery

Audrey and Avery

Domestic Short Hair - female - 4 months and 3 weeks

Audrey and Avery have been hand raised since being found by a lovely member of the public who took them home and fed and loved them before giving them over to DCH to care for.

They have had lots of handling and human interaction.
They have both grown to be lovely kittens. They are small in size for their age due to being hand raised but will catch up.

They love to play and explore and constantly play together.

The "AA" sisters were found at approx 1.5 weeks of age without a mother in a horse stable. One of their siblings was eaten by something and 2 other siblings were found dead so these 2 are the survivors from the litter. These two are to be rehomed together as a bonded pair as they deserve to stay together.

We are looking for a very special home for the "AA" sisters where they can live with their new family as indoors only cats. They would love a family who can play and interact with them and give them lots of attention.

Located in Acacia Gardens near the Parklea area.

Audrey and Avery has been in foster care since 13 April 2019, for 2 months



Domestic Short Hair - male - 2 years and 4 months

Floki will be your best friend. Full of life and love he just wants to be cuddled and petted as often as possible.

He is however fine being by himself also and very well behaved.

He is a gorgeous black cat with a big personality.

Dislikes storms will hide under the bed but everything else he is fearless and his curious nature is strong! Beautiful boy who will be the happiest curled up in bed watching tv with you.

Floki will have up to date vaccinations and recent vet visit before being handed to new owner

No Medical History to Disclose

Behaviour notes:
Is very well behaved unless scared which we will try to scratch or bite to get away from the perceived threat

Is he Ok around Kids?
Hasn't really encountered them

Is he OK around other animals?
Other cats possibly. Dogs no

Litter Trained = yes

He was originally adopted through DCH in May 2017 but now needs to find a new home as the owner is moving to a place with someone with a cat allergy so unfortunately Floki needs a new home.



Domestic Short Hair - female - 1 year and 4 months

Gracie is a sweet little lady who hasn’t had the greatest start to life.

She started off the first year of her life on a chicken farm in a cat colony and not knowing where her next meal might come from.

Fast forward a few weeks and Gracie being in private care, we have found that she is a lovely smoochie girl who loves a chin rub or head pat, so much so that sometimes she will start to drool and need at the ground.

She is still fairly unsure of humans but is very interested in furry friends.

She will best suit a quiet home with a family that understands where she has come from and that she needs time to open up.

Gracie is microchipped, desexed, wormed, flea treated and has had her 1st F3 vaccination.



Domestic Short Hair - female - 4 months

Whoopie has been raised in foster care from a very young age, with her siblings Kingston, Smudge, Oreo, Monte and TicToc. Whoopie is the runt of the litter, but as they say, she is tiny but mighty.

Being the runt of the litter Whoopie has taken a little longer than her siblings to grow, but that hasn't stopped her making her presence know. Whoopie is happy to rampage with her siblings or the much larger foster cats in the home and is even happy to take on the resident dog when she is in the mood. Whoopie loves a cuddle, belly rub or chin scratch and sleeps on her foster mums pillow of a night – she is also a great little eater.

Whoopie is fully litter trained and has been fostered alongside her 5 siblings, 2 dogs and multiple older cats, and is comfortable with them all.

Whoopie’s adoption includes desexing, microchipping and her vaccinations while in care and she will be up to date with both worm and flea treatments when adopted.

Whoopie is available for adoption and she is available to meet now at her foster home in Bligh Park.

Whoopie has been in foster care since 25 April 2019, for 2 months

Sunday and Holly

Sunday and Holly

DSH - female - 7 months and 1 weeks

Available separately or as a pair. These siblings have been around people since they were born but have mostly lived outside with their mother. I have been working really hard to socialise them and they are coming along really well, however may need some extra time to adjust to a house. They come in and stay the night and are very affectionate now.

They use a litter tray, and mostly pretty good with that.

I would love to see them go to a loving home! They are such lovely natured little ones!

Sunday and Holly each come vaccinated, microchipped and desexed.



DSH - female - 3 months and 3 weeks


Georgie was unwell and very tiny at 4 weeks, when she came into DCH care with her brother, Gage, but she is now very healthy (and wormed, vaccinated & desexed), and ready to find her Forever Family.

This little girl has loads of personality once she gets to know you but is still a bit shy when you first meet her. Georgie is a tiny little black beauty with intense, big golden eyes.

In just over a month, Georgie has changed into such an affectionate girl who enjoys being picked up for cuddles and seeks out my lap anytime I sit down. Georgie is also very playful and enjoys chasing the toy mouse and ambushing her brother Gage in the cat tunnel. She gets on well with other cats and foster kittens and happily curls up with them to sleep.

Georgie will be a lovely little companion and will only become more and more affectionate as she gets to know you.

Please drop in to the store or contact PETSTOCK PENRITH 02 4761 0536, if you would like to meet Georgie!

Georgie has been in foster care since 30 April 2019, for 1 month



DSH - male - 3 months and 3 weeks


Gage was unwell and very tiny at 4 weeks, when he came into DCH care with his sister, Georgie, but he is now very healthy (and wormed, vaccinated & desexed), and ready to find his Forever Family.

With his little white sox and rather extravagant whiskers, Gage is extremely cute! This little guy is also very excitable and he sometimes jumps straight up in the air as he walks when he's very happy. Gage currently lives with 8 x other foster kittens and gets on with all of them.

Gage is very affectionate and will try to climb up my arm for cuddles if I reach down to pick something up. He has also got a very croaky little meow for attention, which works very well! I have found him to be an excellent neck warmer as the weather gets cold and he doesn't hesitate to nudge his way into the best spot on my lap even if it is already occupied!

Gage can be a little startled by loud noises at first, but he recovers quickly as his curiosity gets the better of him

Please drop in to the store or contact PETSTOCK PENRITH 02 4761 0536, if you would like to meet this beautiful boy!

Gage has been in foster care since 30 April 2019, for 1 month



Staffy X - female - 6 months and 2 weeks

Initially adopted at 8 weeks old, Pennywise unfortunately had to be surrendered into our foster care due to home circumstance after only a short time.

Now six months old, beautiful Pennywise very quickly adapted to her new environment and has proved to be super friendly with any people she meets; in fact she seems to love everybody! She is now also living with four other dogs and gets along with them famously. She had experience of living happily with her original owner’s children as well.

Penny (for short) is a quick learner and bonded very quickly with her human family. She comes when called and sits for her meals. Her training, of course, is a work in progress and she still has all her lovely puppy traits; she particularly loves to run, play fetch with a stick and she enjoys lots of cuddles.

Penny is a wonderful dog, easy going and very loving and would make a great family pet as well as a companion for another dog. A Staffy cross, she is already a medium size dog and we anticipate she will turn out to be slightly bigger than a Labrador (although half the weight) when fully grown. Because she is such a large puppy, she would not suit a family with very young children.

Pennywise is microchipped and vaccinated, and will shortly be de-sexed.

Pennywise is looking forward to being welcomed into a furever home, with lots of walks and the opportunity learn new training tricks in return for her loving devotion. If you would like to meet this special girl, please text or call her carer, Margaret, on 0418 208 583, to arrange a visit at her foster home in Leichhardt.

Pennywise has been in foster care since 04 May 2019, for 1 month



DSH - female - 2 months and 3 weeks

Shadow was found with her 2 siblings (Domino and Willow) at 4 weeks of age. They were found in a paddock abandoned with their mother.

Shadow lives with 2 kids and 2 cats and a dog and gets along with everyone.

Shadow is a very affectionate kitten. She loves pats and loves to purr. She will always be nearby as she just loves human company and when she has finished playing she will give you a kiss on the cheek and sit on your chest to rest. Shadow is a friendly, playful little kitten. She is now ready to adopt now.

Shadow will come with 1st vaccination, microchipped, wormed, is flea treated and will be desexed when old enough.

adoption enquiries welcome on the contact below. Shadow is located in Glenmore Park (near Penrith NSW).

Shadow has been in foster care since 09 May 2019, for 1 month



Siberian Husky - male - 5 years

Caesar was surrendered to DCH, along with his husky doggy companion, Winter.

Caesar is a beautiful boy who's just had his 5th birthday.

He's active and strong, loves to go for walks and car rides. He's been OK at the dog park, but would suggest keeping him on a lead, as he does like to assert himself and sometimes he comes across extremely dominant. However, with humans, he's a complete sook.

Caesar would be suited to a home with another Husky, or to be adopted along with Winter. I believe he will fret if he does not have a doggy companion.

Caesar would not be suitable should you have cats, small pocket animals or another small dog.

He will need a home that is willing to spend the time in taking him for walks and keeping his coat looking beautiful. He'd like nothing more than to probably sit at your feet all day in pure serenity though as well.

He does need to lose a little bit of weight and he's starting to look fine now that he's constantly on the move with his foster carer's dog.

He does have some training and will sit on command and shake hands, but I would be cautious off lead as it may not come back when called.

Caesar has recently been desexed and his vaccinations are up to date.

If you would like to view Caesar, please do contact us to make a time to meet this beautiful boy.

Caesar has been in foster care since 17 May 2019, for 1 month