Cats in our Care

These cats and kittens have been rescued from various pounds and shelters by volunteer foster carers who provide the cat with a safe haven until they can be permanently rehomed. Cats are located throughout Sydney, Australia.

Please note that descriptions of breed, age and size are given in good faith and are based on assessment of the cat's features, together with veterinary opinion. We cannot guarantee the age and breed of any cats listed.

All cats listed come desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.

Kittens will only be rehomed when over 8 weeks of age and over 1kg in weight.

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domestic short hair cat - female - 5 months and 2 weeks

Dixie is a 16 weeks old girl, very unusual cream/ champagne colour fur. She is very very shy, still waiting to discover her sparkly personality. Dixie is a very healthy and likes company of other cats.
Dixie is microchipped, vaccinated and will be desexed.

Dixie has been in foster care since 15 June 2019, for 1 month



Domestic Medium Haired - male - 2 months and 3 weeks

Pancake, Maple (Syrup) and Juice are fun breakfast names given to this trio of delicious kittens! While at home with their foster carer, they are called 'kitties!' and 'puss-puss-puss!' as well as a bunch of sweet nothings, as they snuggle up for cuddles. So never-fear, you do not need to keep their name!

They have all grown up together after being found as strays, with no mum to care for them. All were bottlefed in care, and have grown up being exposed to different noises and smells, children and other cats.
They all use their litter trays, are used to eating a variety of can food, kibble and fresh chicken necks, chicken hearts and chicken wings (raw meaty bones are fantastic for their teeth!). They also have been flea treated, wormed, and have been bathed a few times as well as have had their claws trimmed.

Juice is a fluffy little lad who enjoys snuggling on the couch with you. He is the most timid out of the trio, and sometimes rushes to hide if he gets startled.
He is a friendly fellow however, and is outgoing and playful.

Available for meet-and-greets at Randwick, NSW.

Juice has been in foster care since 16 June 2019, for 1 month

Dark Princess

Dark Princess

Bengal - female - 3 years and 5 months

Dark Princess is a nice natured female purebred Bengal who isn't overly vocal but will let you know when she wants your attention.

She is active and confident but does enjoy a cuddle and smooch with her owners too. She is very easy to handle but has better things to do than be petted all day!

Dark Princess gets along with some cats and not others and doesn't seem phased by dogs. She will need a home with room for her to play and explore and is used to life in a very large outdoor cattery. Due to the adventurous nature and hunting abilities of her breed she isn't suitable to be allowed to free roam outside.

She is a lovely adult cat who will be perfect for a home without very young children and who isn't after a lapcat but wants an active companion to share their life and enjoy a game with.

Please email ( for more information.

Dark Princess has been in foster care since 18 June 2019, for 1 month



Bengal - female - 3 years and 10 months

Asia is a delightful, interesting young character. She is confident, friendly, vocal, and enjoys a cuddle but it's playing and exploring that really take her fancy.

Asia lives up to the typical Bengal character, loves a game and I'm pretty sure she loves playing with water if her water bowl is anything to go by ;-)

Asia will suit a home without very young children who are after an energetic, more dog like cat and who has the space to let her explore and play. A home with an outdoor cattery as well as indoors would be ideal.

Asia is ok with some cats and not others, she is ok with dogs although hasn't lived with one directly.

For more information about Asia please email

Asia has been in foster care since 18 June 2019, for 1 month



Tonkinese - female - 11 months and 3 weeks

Jinxy is a lovely young lady who was surrendered into care as her owners were not able to care for her anymore.

She is a friendly, lovely, young cat who will meow at you for attention, drool on you a little-bit as you pat her on your lap, and will then hop off for a wander around the house, before settling down near you in whatever room you're in.

While she tolerates her kitten brothers and sisters, she chooses not to interact and play with them, and will leave them be to their games and chasing. For this reason, we believe that she will suit either a solo cat, or multiple cat home, as long as she gets all the attention and love that she deserves.

Due to her long coat, she will require weekly brushing at a minimum.

Jinxy is an explorer and requires a secure, indoor home that will ensure she won't wander onto a road, or meet her demise from an angry wandering animal.

Available for meet and greets and Randwick, NSW.

Jinxy has been in foster care since 20 June 2019, for 1 month

Max and Mimmi

Max and Mimmi

Ragdoll - mixed - 13 years

Max is 13, he’s a bit of a rascal and loves to drink water from the bathroom tap, he is in excellent health. Loves a bit of roaming outside but always inside at night. He’s very intuitive and loves a sleep on a comfy bed. Definitely a “independent” cat. Wakes me up early morning and once I’m up he goes back to bed! He does have a go at Mimmi sometimes and then a bit later they are snuggled up together.

Mimmi is 12 and gorgeous, she is quite timid but got a beautiful soul. Doesn’t like to be picked up but happy to watch tv next to me and also in excellent condition. She loves a brush. She’s the sweetheart out of the two.

They were vaccinated this week and got a clean bill of health. They truly are beautiful.

They are looking to be rehomed together due to a change in family circumstances.

Located at Lane Cove.



DSH - male - 3 months and 3 weeks

Casper is a beautiful pure white kitten. He came into care with his two siblings. He is a beautiful cat, full of life & adventure.
One of his siblings has found a home but the other one is looking for a furrever home too.
Casper is a little bit scared when someone new comes around but when he is left to himself, he enjoys climbing in a lap for a purring cuddle. Casper gets a little bit anxious when he cannot see his siblings and therefore, he would be better going to a house that already has another cat or better still going to a home with his identical sister Ziggy.

Casper has been in foster care since 21 July 2019, for 3 days



DSH - female - 3 months and 3 weeks

Ziggy is a very pretty, little girl. She is pure white except for a grey slash and a very small grey spot on the top of her head. She came into care with her two siblings. One of her siblings has found a home but the other one is looking for a furrever home too. Ziggy loves life and is always looking for a game to play. She is very affectionate but gets scared when someone new comes around. She has settled very well into her foster home and gets on well with everyone else in the house, cats & people.

Ziggy has been in foster care since 21 July 2019, for 3 days



DSH - female - 1 year and 2 months

This lovely young girl is Tabitha. She is around 14 months old, and has spent most of that time just lapping up all the love she can get from her foster carer. Tabitha is such a friendly girl, any attention she can get she will take, and so she would definitely suit a home where she will get plenty of that! She is currently in care with both dogs and other cats, and so it is likely that Tabitha would be absolutely fine in a home with other animals too! Tabitha is all up to date on her vaccinations and flea and worm treatment, she is microchipped and desexed too - as such, she is totally ready for her forever home! Please contact Rod, her foster carer, for more information on this friendly friendly girl.

Tabitha has been in foster care since 21 July 2019, for 3 days