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Meet Momo

Momo is such a sweet kitty. She has a quirky personality and loves to follow you around to see what you are doing. She loves playing with bouncy toys and laser pointers and cardboard boxes!

Sometimes she behaves like a dog and likes to roll around on the balcony or outside! She loves her supervised outside time and napping in the sun. If there is a sunny window no doubt Momo would be napping on it!

She is very treat and food driven which is good for training. She loves to greet you when you come home with meows and rubs on your legs wanting pats. She also loves when you come home with groceries. She likes to see what goodies you got and if there are any for her!

She eats whikas dry food in the mornings and wet food at night. Every now and then she will have chicken neck or some boiled chicken breast.

If you're sitting in the loungeroom she'll sit with you, if you're going to bed she'll snuggle on the bed too. She loves a good cuddly soft blanket! She loves scratches especially behind the ears and under her chin. She'll always find a weird position to sleep in.

Like with any new cat she will take a little bit of time to adjust. She is very keen to explore and play though. She doesn't like loud noises. Sometimes she will want to be left alone to do her own thing. She's not really a fan of fish. She prefers chicken or beef!

She is litter box trained.
She is currently desexed and fully vaccinated and will need her next vaccination in March 2022,

Medical Notes:
Momo has received an acne wash in the past for acne on her chin. No other known medical issues.

She will be best suited to a home where she is the only cat in the home and where there are no young or noisy kids.

This is an assisted rehoming / Private Listing.

Located in Eastwood, NSW

Private Rehoming: This animal is a private rehoming. It is listed on behalf of a private advertiser. DCH takes no responsibility as to the accuracy of the information given and is not liable for any part of the adoption process.

  • Domestic
  • female
  • 09 October 2017
  • 5 years and 7 months
  • Tortie
  • $100 as a Donation to DCH
  • Eastwood
  • 19 November 2021

Would you like to adopt Momo?

NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000023

To find out more information about Momo, or to organise to see her, please contact her owner above. Alternatively use our contact form

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Last updated: 19 November 2021